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Tag tree on the left collapses every time


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When I add a new record to the password manager the tag tree on the left collapses every time. Please, make it so that when I add a new record and lunch the program the tag tree will remain expanded exactly as it was during the last use (that's what I need).

It is very uncomfortable!

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Hello @Ankur Gupta,

I'm sorry to dig up this topic but this issue occurs on linux version 6.7.0 (867) and it's very, very, annoying.

Not only it happens when I create or update an entry but even when I simply copy a password, the tag tree will eventually collapse after, what seems, a random period.

For log, I think it happens after a safe is synced. (webdav in my case)

I'll be glad to help you, just le me know if you need anything.


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