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  2. Hi, I'm running solus linux on a dell xps 13 with the 4k display. I have scaling set to 300% which makes all other applications I use look good but it breaks the enpass UI.
  3. I have setup a PIN in IOS. I understand that the Master password will be mandatory to unlock after three incorrect attempts of PIN. Is it possible to have the option of forcing the Master password (as in the case in Windows).
  4. The thread to which you refer does not answer my question. I need access to two different accounts, having two different clouds, having two different email IDs on the same Windows device. I will try installing a second instance of the app and see what happens. I just tried to install a second instance; my only options were to uninstall or repair; I chose to repair; no opportunity to use a different ID. So it is clear that I cannot have more than one instance of the Enpass app on the same Windows computer. And I do not find a way to access the different account via the browser. Am I missing a link? P..S. Two vaults in the same account are not a solution for me.
  5. UP! Was googling for this and this is the only post I found. Using autofill to generate new passwords and create new accounts would be really helpfull. Any plans for this?
  6. I have a premium Enpass account on Windows and Android. My wife has a premium Enpass account on IOS. I would like to access her account on my Windows computer. It appears my Windows computer's Enpass app is strictly to access my own account. Is there a way for me to accesss my wife's account via my browser? If not, how can I accomplish the ability to access both accounts from my Windows computer? Don
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  8. Where are the Favicon's????????????????
  9. Windows 10 desktop; when I try to open Enpass from the start menu or Taskbar pinned icon I get a highlight bar beneath the icon, suggesting it's active, but the Enpass window doesn't actually open up! If I hover the mouse over the icon, I can see a miniaturized window (what the Enpass login window would look like) but I can't do anything with it. Can anyone please advise? Restarting the computer didn't help.
  10. Hi, I already bought and used Enpass Pro/Premium by buying it via the google playstore. Now I have a new mobile phone, with lineageOS which has no Google Store support. Is there a way to fetch the Pro-Version directly from you?
  11. When I attempt to launch on KDE Neon (5.16.0) with the command /opt/enpass/Enpass %U, it crashes. I've attached a screenshot. I believe it first started with KDE 5.15.5. I am speculating that it is related to update of the underlying QT libraries as this is the major distinction with vanilla Kubuntu 18.04 which is the underlying base for the current version of KDE Neon. I have previously contacted Enpass but they not offered any meaningful assistance. I am a paying customer for the Android version but of course this is the desktop Linux version which does not have a paid option. If the packaged could be offered in a universal binary such as Flatpak, Snap, or AppImage I think it would resolve many issues for all Linux users not using stock version of Ubuntu/Debian, OpenSuse, or Fedora. Any thoughts on how to resolve this? Thanks in advance! Mark
  12. +1 Error 815993 Mac OSX Sierra Enpass 6.1.0 (431) via shared folder
  13. Syncing is not reliant on the browser, so whichever one you chose to look at DropBox with should make no difference. Are the Enpass master passwords you use on your different devices all the same? If not then the password for the file vault should be the same as the device you created it with. If you created the vault with a Windows Enpass client and its master password is Fish, and on the Android the Enpass master password is Chicken and you are trying to open the vault for the first time on Android you would need to use the password Fish. If have missed your point please let me know.
  14. My webdav password has changed (due to the password expiry policy) so enpass sync is failing as it is trying to use the old password. so far as to be expected although the error message from Enpass is some obscure error number and could be more helpful (other apps would ask you to re-enter the password in such circumstances). However, I am struggling to work out how to tell Enpass the new password withou having to cancel sync and then reenter all the webdab settings from scratch (which with multiple vaults and devices would be an unacceptably cumbersome process) Matthew p.s. I'm really only usimg webdav as a stop gap whilst waiting for wifi sync to be reinstated. Is there an updated ETA for this?
  15. Hi, I have hit the issue with Dropbox free account allowing limited device logins so I have changed to Apple icloud syncing. This has worked fine on my ios devices but in Win 10 PC I have had problems. When I go to setup my Win 10 to change sync it attempts to use icloud but gets stuck on "Signing In..." by Apple with its cloudkit in the browser. Has anyone else experienced this?
  16. New Enpass user. Firefox is my default browser on both my desktop and my Android. Installed on my Android, and synced to my DropBox. Seems to work OK. Installed the Windows 10 client. Am unable to sync. Firefox is not able to "see" the Enpass file on my DropBox account. That is, when using Firefox, there does not appear to be any file in the Apps/Enpass directory on Dropbox. If I use Chrome, I can see the Enpass file is actually there on my DropBox account. Why can't Firefox see the file? I then made Chrome the default browser on my desktop and Android, and tried again. Sync's OK on the Android. But I still can't get it to sync on my desktop. With Chrome, at least it see the Enpass file, but when Enpass tries to open the file, it says the password is incorrect. I have tried recreating the Enpass file, and assured I was using the proper password. But on my desktop, it still says that the Enpass password is incorrect. So using either Firefox or Chrome, I am unable to sync Enpass on my desktop. Any suggestions?
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  18. I have some excel password protected workbooks. How do I get enpass to be able to open them?
  19. Syncing with iCloud on 6.1.0 (390), running latest version of Mac OS. However, I'm getting iCloud Session Expired every time I log back in and would need to re-authenticate to iCloud every time. It didn't use to be like this.
  20. I have the latest version of Enpass from Microsoft Store installed on my laptop. I have pinned the shortcut to my Taskbar. When i click once i just see a white blank window pop up briefly and Enpass never launch. When i click a second time on the icon on the Taskbar Enpass do launch. All subsequent launches do only require one (1) click on the icon on the Taskbar until i reboot the computer. This does never happen with the desktop non-Microsoft Store version i have installed on my desktop computer. I can reproduce this issue on both computers with the Microsoft Store version. To reproduce: Install Enpass from Microsoft Store. Pin the shortcut to Enpass to the Taskbar in Windows. Re-boot the computer Click on the Enpass icon on the Taskbar once. Result: The first click won´t launch Enpass. Why is this issue not fixed yet?
  21. It's working now, After several attempt, I gave up, Next day I try again, it start working, I guess, restarting the computer could be the solution at least for me. Thanks.
  22. Hi @Meechum, Thanks for writing in. Actually, the Pro upgrade for Enpass needs to be bought separately for different platforms, as purchasing Enpass on one platform will not let you use the full version on another platform because of the platform specific restrictions. For example, all the purchases on the Play Store are managed by Google and will not be accessible on iOS, macOS or Windows Store. If Enpass would have been online and subscription-based software then we could have shared your account details across platforms to enable the full version. You can check more about the Enpass Pricing here on our website. Thanks!
  23. Great, thank you for confirming.
  24. Hi @davidc, Thanks for writing in. I would like to share that WebDAV logins credentials are stored in the file Enpasssettings.db which is a SQLCipher file, encrypted with a randomly generated password which is stored in Enpass primary vault. Even if someone gets their hands on SQLCipher file they would still need your master Password to decrypt it. Thanks!
  25. HI I bought Pro Version Enpass in IOS but since I change to Android phone and after import data shows me that can only read 20 records. May I know the issue? Thanks ~
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