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  2. Hello, You have an automatic backup in Enpass: Settings> Auto Backups. See: https://www.enpass.io/docs/manual-desktop/auto_backups.html
  3. Hi @d1abo Please let me know which OS version and what is the screen resolution of your system so that we can check further. Thanks!
  4. To autofill, you have to create three different items in Enpass.
  5. @juppes5 you can download the previous version of app and extension for firefox from here: https://www.enpass.io/support/kb/troubleshooting/where-can-i-download-older-version-of-enpass/
  6. Hello guys, I recently got a new Macbook Pro 13'' (with touchbar) and just saw that menu bar icon is not crystal clear. I mean, it is pixelated and seem to not be able to show in HIDPI. Do you have any information about this ? There is a screenshot showing how it appear on my screen. Thank you very much, you really made a great product.
  7. Hi @Benjamin Moscovich For quick troubleshooting please disconnect the sync and reconnect.If the problem persists please drop us email on support@enpass.io along with the following information: On which device (along with OS version) are you using Enpass? Which Enpass version are you using? Does the Date and Time setting set to automatic on all devices? Thanks!
  8. Hello @plinss, We understand that this issue surfaces when there are multiple search results. We've forwarded this feature request to our concerned team. We appreciate your co-operation. Thanks.
  9. Hello @plinss, Thanks for using Enpass. We really appreciate you for posting this feature request. We've forwarded your suggestion to our dev team. Thanks.
  10. Hello @abhibeckert, Thanks for using Enpass. We highly appreciate your careful comparison of various app icons with Enpass. We've considered your suggestion and forwarded it to the concerned team. Thanks.
  11. Hi! I use custom tempalte with multi login/pass in one card (CMS, hosting, DB, FTP) When I use AutoFill for Hosting - Enpass will fill data for CMS (First login and password in the list). How can I chain URL with login & pass in single card?
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  13. I am also having this problem on my phone. Oddly, WiFi tethered PC and an older phone without cellular service both synch. This means when I'm out with my cell phone I can't use Enpass because the local database is old with now superceded passwords. Please, how to fix this?
  14. That's exactly the reason why I'm upset aswell - I reported the problem in January as the Windows Hello support was the only reason for me to buy Enpass. I also told them that promising "full hello support" in Microsoft Store is wrong but until now they didn't even change the description. Unbelievable for me...
  15. I often enter some text into the search field and then select one of the items to make some changes, however as soon as I do anything, like edit the selected item, the selection changes back to the first item in the list. This generally causes me make followup edits in the wrong item because the change of selection is unexpected. Ideally a selected item should remain selected as long as it's visible in the search results.
  16. Currently the right-click: "Add to Vault" option is only available when viewing items in a single vault, it would be very helpful for this option to also be available when viewing items in all vaults.
  17. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&tab=TT&sl=auto&tl=it&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.enpass.io%2Fpricing%2F
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  19. The Enpass app icon - a blue circle with a white symbol - is very similar to other popular apps. See screenshot. Can you please work on a new icon that isn't based on a blue circle? Perhaps a blue border around the white angled rectangle for example? I have to stop and think whenever I switch to an app, especially with Enpass and SourceTree. I can't imagine they will change theirs (being a large company) but hopefully you're open to it? That would be awesome.
  20. Hi, I’ve installed enpass on my iPhone and I was evaluating to buy the pro version. Is there a way to import backup? (*.json or *.enpassbackup) If so, how is the procedure? I just saw that is possible to create backup, not to import thank you Andy
  21. I`m tryng to syncronize the app in a new PC Windows 10. But I got the error "401" when it is sycronizing with Google Drive.
  22. Ho provato tante App per custodire le passw. che dicevano di essere gratuite e poi dopo qualche mese c'era sempre ala fregatura che o pagavi o non aprivi l'App. Vorrei sapere se oggi, l'App che mi costa €12,99, è un abbonamento annuale, mensile o una quota che non si ripeterà più? Per favore rispondetemi in Italiano. Grazie!!!!
  23. Hi, I am just wondering: is it possible to have two different versions of Enpass on one machine and use them alternatively? I often use Pale Moon as a browser, and the Enpass extension there does not accept the most recent Enpass version, because Pale Moon is based obviously on an older version of Firefox not accepting the new extension format the actual Firefox versions use? Are there any cons against using two different versions of Enpass because of possible confusion for the system? Thank you for your help
  24. Totally agree. CLI or API would be very helpful. Is there any chance to get it?
  25. Hello @Christian F, Thanks for using Enpass. Please note that the ability to add expiration date to passwords is available in Enpass. To add an expiration date to password of any item, click on 'Edit' option of item and then click on "Password" to set "Expire after" days. Additionally, showing notification of password expiry is already in our road-map for future releases. Thanks
  26. You already have the opportunity to set an expiration date in days when editing the password’s field and then you’d have an extra section in password audit if there are some passwords that expire soon. But I agree, I miss the possibility to get notifications about those passwords, too. Especially on mobile devices it shouldn’t be that huge issue to add this feature. Furthermore it would be nice if the number of remaining days would be printed out under the password’s field for each appropriate item (maybe you also color highlighted e.g. in green when there is enough time and red when they are about to expire).
  27. Hello @Domenico, While disconnecting iCloud sync from Enpass, did you select the option "Also delete data from iCloud"? Please confirm. Thanks
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