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  2. I ran into a similar issue, and what I had to do to fix, since my browser was using Wayland was start it with: Hopefully they will add proper Wayland support to Enpass soon, but I've since moved on to pass and Browserpass.
  3. Hi Anshu thx for the Response. Please let me know if not exactly clear which functionality I am Looking for
  4. Yesterday
  5. When I delete an item with a custom icon, that icon disappears also on other items that use it. Note: the screenshots have been taken on Linux (where this bug is also present) just for convenience (clean environment). Create three items with the same custom icon Move "Item 1" to the Trash Right click on the Trash and empty it Quit Enpass (CTRL+Q) Reopen Enpass, the custom icon is now missing on the other items
  6. No more dark mode in classic theme :-(
  7. Hello. I have the HP phone elite x3, Windows 10 mobile. Many years Enpass used. This reinstalled a system and did not find the application in shop. Explain please a situation
  8. Mozilla Firefox works fine. SRWare Iron (Chrome fork) works fine. No issues so far....
  9. You maybe right, its text.
  10. For detailed information check this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Master_Password Master Password is an algorithm designed by Maarten Billemont for creating unique passwords in a reproducible manner. You could also create unique (but reproduce able) user names as well. Such passwords / usernames not even have to be saved at all... This would be a great addition to Enpass. E.g. Enpass could offer passwords or usernames based on this algorithm as an additional service...
  11. Hi @kopernikus Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Once the Touch ID is enabled, the Enpass app asks for the Master Password only when the app is freshly started. To avoid this, once the app is opened please keep it running in the Menu bar (instead of quitting it) and it will ask for the Touch ID until the app or system is restarted. You can enable it via Enpass settings > General > Run > Enable the Show Enpass in Menu bar. Hope this helps!
  12. Hi @Friedi I need some more information so that our team can investigate the issue. Please share the: Enpass version. Device and OS version. Chrome and Enpass extension version. Does the issue occur only with the Chrome extension?
  13. Hi @Twizzlers When a webpage is opened, Enpass extension shows the relevant items based on the URL (field type is set as URL) saved in items. So please make your Domain field is set as URL. You can change it via Open the Archive item > Edit > click the Domain field > Set the Field Type as URL > Save it. Now retry and let me know if you still face any problem
  14. Hi @Fabian Bon Sorry to hear that you are still encountering the issue. Please check this forum post and let me know if you still face any problem:
  15. Just FYI, with yesterday's release it works like a charm for me!
  16. Hi All, The QA team has identified the issue and it will be resolved in the coming updates.
  17. Hi @KevinC Yes. Enpass is an offline app which saves the data locally on the device. So deleting Enpass from one device will not remove the database saved on other devices.
  18. Last week
  19. @Friedi Yes, but I cannot say anything about Chrome as I'm not using it. But @Twizzlers has probably the problem that his “Domain” field’s type is not URL (that's what I see from his screenshot), but there might also be another issue, I don't know. He should just check it out. Finally I can tell you, I have no issues with archive.org or any other website, when all needed fields are setup correctly.
  20. Hi. Did you read my post? I have the same problems. And in Chrome there is no function!
  21. If you try to start it from the command line are there any error messages generated?
  22. I do not have access to a Windows machine at the moment but Linux options look like this: I should be working on Windows system tomorrow so will have a look how the version on there looks.
  23. Hello, my name is sponk and after searching a longer time for a password manager which is able to use my owncloud i came to enpass. I installed it on my windows 10 desktop and laptop - it works well. Now i wanted it to install on my linux mint 18.2 64 bit desktop too. I followed the website "...enpass.io/support/how-to-install-enpass-on-linux" and i thaught that everything was allright. After exit the terminal, i tried to start enpass setup, but nothing happend after doubleklick on the icon. I restarted the system, I deinstalled enpass an installed a second time with the same result. What´s going wrong? What can I do? Please help me. sponk from austria
  24. Hi @Anshu kumar, after running and testing the latest Enpass update 6.1.1 for several days now, I can confirm that it is not longer raising platform timer resolution! Thank you for fixing it
  25. Because text is very small, cannot speak for your files though. Are the files mainly text based?
  26. Hello Enpass team! I am currently setting custom logos for all my entries. Doing that I encountered the issue that I cannot select logo files with ".jpeg" extension from finder/explorer. This happens on both - MacOS and Linux. I have to rename the files to end with ".jpg" to be able to select it. It would be great if Enpass would automatically also detect ".jpeg" files. Thank you!
  27. Hello Enpass Team, using the newest version of Enpass (6.1.1) on my Mac with MacOS High Sierra it sometimes happens that while I am scrolling down the list of entries the list automatically scrolls back up to the first entry. This is kind of annoying. I did not see that behaviour before (maybe it was there before but I did not notice that much). It would be great to have this fixed. Thanks!
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