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  2. So, running this on a Chromebook (Pixel Slate) is not a particularly great experience. It takes about 60-75 seconds for the application to unlock after I type in my Master password (sometimes it doesn't even unlock, and just goes back to the password entry box), then it takes a further 20-30 seconds to load the password vault. This happens if I use the native Android application to unlock, and the beta Chromebook extension and irrespective of how long it's been since I previously unlocked - as in I can type my password in, wait 70+ seconds, see my vault after 20 seconds, instantly lock the vault, and have to wait again. I also am unable to right click in a password field and choose Enpass, as it just pops up a tab in Chrome with the "Connecting to Enpass" which instantly disappears and nothing happens - so I cannot create passwords. It also does not offer to save any new credentials that I enter on websites. Basically, the ChromeOS implementation of this is dire, and needs some serious work. On my Pixel 3 with the same version it's instant, and the same Chrome extension on Windows and Linux is fine.
  3. PROBLEM: "Last Synchronized" field is blank. I even tried the "Sync Now" button, and the field still is blank. Perhaps worse, my vault isn't getting sync'd or backed up. Thank you.
  4. I just realized, that I posted in the wrong section. The problem appears on OS, not on iOS.
  5. Thanks for getting back to me. I tried the beta version on my Windows PC, which was the one with the sync problem and could not get it to sync at all. I tried making Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge all individual default browsers and all I got was the redirect message and no synchronisation. Maybe I should stick with v.6.0.6 until the beta stages of 6.1 are completed. I didn't try v.6.1 on my Mac.
  6. Dear Enpass Support, I created a backup file to save my data. As I am now trying to import the .enpassbackup file, I can only import files from other applications or a pre-formatted CSV. How do I restore the .enpassbackup file that was created? Thank you for your help! Vivien
  7. Same here. Additionally, when moving the Enpass window from the external screen to the MacBook's Retina display the whole window turns black.
  8. Hey @JmC, Thanks for reporting this issue. I have noted it down and notified the QA team to look into it. Thanks!
  9. Hey @Simon92, We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. This issue has been fixed and an update v6.1 with the fixes will be rolled out soon. Further, I would like to share that we have rolled the beta version of Enpass 6.1 If you are willing to try the beta version of Enpass you can download it from here. We appreciate your patience.
  10. Hey @cbailiss, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. It would be a great help if you can share the crash report mentioning your name in the comment box or Title of this thread so that we can check and try to fix asap. Thanks for your co-operation.
  11. Hey @pineman, We have rolled out the beta version of Enpass 6.1 and will try to push final update asap. If you are willing to try the beta version of Enpass before public release you can download it from here: Thanks!
  12. So, I'm not alone. Should I be glad? I've had to switch back to my Lumia 735 recently. Since it had Enpass installed, I've thought the app would sync data from Android phone. How I was surprised when it took only part of the data. Well, is there a workaround yet?
  13. I use enpass in three places: 1) Android Phone 2) WIndows 10 PC 3) Windows 7 PC All three sync via One Drive. I upgraded sometime ago to V6. Enpass was working fine on all three devices. Recently I tried to update Enpass on windows 7 (a minor enpass update 6.x to 6.x). Since then, I have been unable to restore the data onto the windows 7 device. When I try to, I am redirected to the browser, I log in and get the "Authorisation Finished" message in the web browser. I am redirected from the browser back to Enpass. Enpass prompts for the password (I assume this is the normal one I enter when opening the app). I enter this password and immediately Enpass crashes. Very frustrating. The issue started with the update to the 6.0.2 version and I was hoping a further update would fix it, but it hasn't. I am still having the same problem with 6.0.6. Any suggestions on how I can fix this? Thanks
  14. So I have a couple Chromebooks that are Neverware Chrome OS devices. They don't support Android apps, but they do support Linux apps. Is it possible to get the Linux version connecting and working on Chrome OS? I've got it installed, but have had issues when logging in and connecting to the browser extension using this method.
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  16. So I just started using Enpass, and it's pretty nice. I can't seem to get the UWP version to start on my 32-bit Windows 10 tablet, my x64 machines work perfectly. That said, I can install and run the "Traditional" 32-bit windows client, but I plan on using the premium features which require installing from the Windows Store. Upon attempting to run the application (both machines, 64-bit and 32-bit, are on the same Insider Preview version 18898), I can watch in task manager as the Enpass UWP application starts, Runtime Broker starts inside it's space, Enpass itself starts inside the space, but then inexplicably closes, leaving just Runtime Broker and an empty UWP process container. As I said, the traditional client on the same machine works fine, just not when installed from the Windows Store. I have run the Repair & Reset functions in App Settings and have uninstalled and re-installed the application, but cannot get it to run when installed from the Windows Store. I'd like to be able to use the premium features on both my Windows devices once I've purchased them, Please help! Edit: On a whim, I tried to run Enpass UWP using Administrative privileges and it started.. Interestingly enough. Didn't think to do that originally because normally can't run Store apps as Administrator! ^_^; Not sure if there will be any caveats to running it as Administrator though... EDIT2: So it runs, but as Administrator, I can't sign into OneDrive in the application. It attempts to, then fails when the browser attempts to redirect back into the application (looks like Windows tries to start a new copy inside my user context instead of using the one running as Administrator). AHA!! Ladies and gentlemen.. Don't have Windows install Enpass to external storage, that was the only factor that was different, and upon moving it to internal storage it runs perfectly. Enpass, perhaps you should repackage your app so installing anywhere OTHER than the system drive is disallowed, or fix the application so it runs when installed to external storage.
  17. Anshu thanks for the support. it worked. In regards my earlier problem with syn with Gdrive. I should have installed the enpass on the "User" account - instead the "Admin" one which I did. ( I always create a "User" account" where I do all my activities) The very reason the sync worked on one account and not the other. Best to install enpass with the working (user) account instead of Admin (root)
  18. Hello, I frequently use Adminer script to manage MySQL database. Most of the time, Enpass does not succed to fill in automatically the login form. When I clic on an Enpass connexion, all the fileds are filled, and then immediatly flushed. But if I copy the fields manually, and then submit, it works. Any idea of what happen ? JM
  19. Guys, I have a weird bug when switching screens. I do this a lot because I work at a company with sometimes a meeting. When I hook or unhook, the resolution is incorrect and Enpass does not work properly anymore https://www.dropbox.com/s/qb8hx8oa71ycvpv/Schermafbeelding 2019-05-20 om 16.54.03.png?dl=0 Currently, I solve it with simply rebooting Enpass, which works but its quite annoying to do it every day 6 times.
  20. Hello, For logins Windows The csv file must respect the following structure (10 data fields): "Title","Username","Email","Password","Website","TOTP Secret Key","Custom Field 1","*Custom Field 2","Note","Tags" If some data does not exist, it is necessary nevertheless that the field is present by indicating a double quotation mark. For example: "Title","Username","Email","Password","Website","TOTP Secret Key","Custom Field 1","*Custom Field 2","Note","Tags" "Enpass", "Ekalb","","MyPaswword","https://discussion.enpass.io/index.php?/login/","","","","",""
  21. Got the v6.1 today but I don't find any favicon option!?
  22. ANSI method did not work. I will start looking for another application that will work with privately stored data and sync. This should not be happening.
  23. Tuinpad how would you "side load" the edge extension. I'm looking for an edge extension package to download to install without the use of the Microsoft store.
  24. Yes, you can share the app by signing in the Store app, with the same Microsoft id with which you have purchased the Pro-License.
  25. Hey @Max_C Sorry for the trouble you are going through. Please let me know currently which Enpass version are you using? Also, please let me know while downloading the app from Store what error message or code are you getting? if possible please share the screenshot of the problem so that we can help you better. Thanks!
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