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    Enpass RAM issue

    I noticed a general slow down today and noticed in Activity Monitor a RAM peek usage by Enpass (1,93 GB): Mac OS 10.14.5 Enpass 6.1.1. MAS Browser extensions in both Safari and Chrome iMac running 4 days long (no shut down, just suspended at night)
  3. It would be nice if Enpass could store the password history for an account, retaining previously used passwords (passwords that were actually saved, not just generated) in a list or note that can be viewed on demand on the account card itself. Thank you!
  4. Today
  5. én bought a pro license on Microsoft store. I used @hotmail.com... On Android I used @gmail.com, but doesn't work now! Why?
  6. Same form, the latest update solves this issue. Thanks!
  7. The problem still persists. Systemversion: macOS 10.14.4 (18E226) Safari Version 12.1.1 (14607. with Enpass Safari Extension 6.1.1 Enpass 6.1.1 (408)
  8. My wife and I both wanted to use Enpass on our shared iMac. Is there any way to do this? Either install another version with a different master password or even better in future updates be able to put in different master passwords to the same app and have it unlock different vaults?
  9. The open-source app-maker assures users that it will be resolved soon and their extensions will work as normal.
  10. D'OH! If i has scrolled a bit on download page i might have seen "Traditional Win32" version. But i mean i have a Windows 10 machine so i downloaded Windows 10 app that was right in my face, i don't think this is unreasonable action. Why the app crippled?
  11. The same is true for me. I can't solve it by using technical support. How can I solve this problem?
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  13. Thanks. This was too easy to check this on my own. Thanks! Now I am all set to go.
  14. Hi, the export itself is not a problem. I have also checked the content of the file and it is fine. I am also able to import the cvs file. However, the title of all imported items is empty altough a dedicated attribute seems to get created (labled title) which contains the correct titels. I would want the titel to be imported into the native title field so it also shows up in the listing.
  15. Hello everybody, i´ve got it... after installing libcurl package 3 everything is okay. Special Thanks to Dentonthebear sponk
  16. Thanks for your help, i filled in the command from the launcher "opt/enpass/Enpass %U" in the terminal. The result was the message: "/opt/enpass/Enpass: error while loading shared libraries: libcurl.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" I dont´t know what to do now. Pleas help me. sponk
  17. Recently I am not able to copy a password, name, or anything I have tried from Enpass to Windows 10 Enterprise (1809) clipboard. There is a pause and the Application closes. Event manager says Enpass stopped communicating with Widows and was closed by the OS. Now the only way to get a password from it is to view the password and type it in. Keeping my passwords on a notepad page stored encrypted on a cloud drive would be better. I should note that I am running Enpass on a windows 10 pro (1903) without issue. And that the change was recent most likely involving a Microsoft patch update.
  18. @Vikram Dabas Tried it, it works. Thank you ! Is there a way to change domain type for all items?
  19. Hi @freibeuter Thanks for reporting this issue. I have noted down this issue and notified the QA team to look into it. Thanks for your cooperation.
  20. Hi @freibeuter Thanks for reporting this issue. I have noted down this issue and notified the QA team to look into it. Thanks for your cooperation.
  21. Hi @nordpol Sorry for the trouble you are going through. Please follow the steps mentioned below and revert if still you faces issues in Import/Export. Using .csv format Step 1: Export data from 1Password Before importing your data from 1Password to Enpass, first you need to export your 1Password data in the .csv unencrypted file format. Usually you need the desktop version for respective software to export your data in unencrypted format. Follow these steps to export the data- Open 1Password App. If you’re having data saved in multiple vaults, please select any one vault as 1Password allows to export the data of one vault at a time. Otherwise, you’re good to go. Click on File → Export → All items. Select .csv file format. Select all fields and click the check-mark, include column labels. Choose a name for the .csv file and save it to your desktop. Warning The data exported to unencrypted file is highly insecure and vulnerable. We recommend that you delete the corresponding .csv file as soon as the importing process is finished.
  22. Hey @vadimir9, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. In case if you have purchased previous version (Enpass 5) then you can download the same version of Enpass via following these steps: Go to Windows Store --> Select My Library option under the section of all owned --> There you will get the Enpass app --> Install it. Hope this helps!
  23. Hey @Glenn, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. Please make sure you are using the correct master password by checking the caps lock off. Also, please try copy and pasting your master password in the password field to check if that works. If the problem persists, please drop us an Email at support@enpass.io along with the these details so that we can help you better. Which cloud services are you using? Have you recently changed your master password? Are you using Enpass on any other devices where you can access all your Enpass data? Does your master password contain any special character? Thanks for your co-operation.
  24. Hey @ChrisS, It would be a great help if you can provide steps to reproduce the issue also please share the screenshot of the problem so that I can check. Thanks!
  25. Hi @nordpol, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. Please make sure you have selected the correct country in your Windows settings. The purchase dialog pickup the country from the system settings. You can change it via: Go to Windows Settings --> Time & Language --> Region & Language --> change it. Hope this helps!
  26. Hey @gnufied, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. Please follow these troubleshooting steps mention in this FAQ and let me know if the problem persists. Thanks!
  27. Last week
  28. Hi, I am trying to purchase the premium version (win 10 store) of enpass. I am running my PC (and all software in general) in english. This typically works fine. However, after adding my payment details, the form for the address is prefilled with the country UK (which is wrong). I have already checked my windows profile. This seems to be fine and recocnizes that my prefered language is english but my country of residence is Germany... So there must be something wrong with the windows store linked to the installed enpass version on my PC. (I also only get the price shown in GBP) Kind regards, JS
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