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  2. How can I uninstall Enpass on my Linux (Ubuntu 19.04) machine?
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  4. went to buy (ive never bought anything on windows its a new laptop) but it seems similar to an in app purchase vs through the store so im not sure if it will work like other apps do since I linked the accounts following steps like this https://winaero.com/blog/how-to-share-and-install-your-windows-store-apps-with-other-user-accounts-on-your-pc/ We are also on the same Microsoft family Will I be able to share the purchase?
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  6. I'm trying it on OSX and disabling the Authorized browser thing worked for me, thanks.
  7. I've had the same problem trying to work with Enpass importing data from 1Password. I give up. I've used 1P v.4, enpass v.6, enpass v.7, opvault, keychain, etc. and they all fail in one way or another. I've tried .csv and the results are unsatisfactory. I cannot waste anymore time on this. Importing data should be a simple process (no matter how complex it is under the hood). Until enpass gets their importing act together, its unusable as a replacement.
  8. After running on the non-beta version since my last message, I am happy to report that this issue is now gone. Again big thanks for the pointer! I did originally install (and purchase) from Play Store, but Aptoide took it upon itself to upgrade the version installed from there. As I have now learned, this was the source of the problem. BTW, on an unrelated issue (and sorry to hijack this thread, but since I have your attention), I do have a few other observations from a few weeks of use: 1. Could you add duplicate detection? At least for title this would be very helpful, as I have found often found myself adding entries I already have, which can cause problems. Of course, doing a search before adding would solve it, and I can usually sort things out by looking at the last edited date to figure out which is the more recent entry, but all this could be avoided if I simply got a dialog asking me if I was sure I wanted to add an entry with the same name as an existing one. 2. Could you add Duplicate to the entry context menu? For custom fields etc, there's the template system, but some entries will have very similar contents, with only a few values differing. For these, duplicating an entry would save a lot of time - it's much quicker to delete the values that differ than to enter everything again and again. 3. Is the browser extension supposed to work on Firefox for Android, or only on Desktop? I can't seem to get it authorized - maybe there's a trick to it. Thanks again!
  9. I believe my sync problem on Gdrive is due to two Primary vaults with different names stored on my Gdrive File A for Windows system & File B for Linux drive. I like to merge them into one account so any changes on one computer - automatically will synchronize on another computer. Any suggestion, please.?
  10. Also a paying customer. Please fix this. I don't want to have to got back to Last Pass. Using the Enpass keyboard is not a good solution as it associates the login with that one broswer.
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  12. Hi i sent the email to support, hopefully it is all clear!! I want to sent you the bill from the microsft store including my emailadres . Where do i need to sent this to? To " support@enpass.io " ?
  13. Thanks all. I just upgraded and somehow my Desktop sync w/ changes made on my Phone and my Phone picked up all the changes on the Desktop!
  14. Ok, I can upgrade. Interestingly, I only see one DB for some reason (which would appear to be v5 coming from my desktop). In Google Drive, there's a folder called: "Enpass" that only has one file: sync_default.walletx Scratching my head where v6 backup ends up. Where should I expect to see it on Google Drive?
  15. Hello guys. I am trying to add tags for my passwords of 300 sites. It is hideous to filter out the entries that have already added tags. Therefore, could you add a function to search for entries that without a tag?
  16. Not exactly. On my Windows machine, sync & backup do work. It is only on my Lubuntu 19.04 Laptop in which the gdive sync does not work - the back up does work. It seems we both experience the same issue with Linux - no sync with gdrive (I get "error code: 0" )
  17. Oh, so sync doesn't work for you either and you need to manually sync? Then I won't bother re-installing. My enpass on Linux works. It just won't sync.
  18. They probably have, but Apple do not make life easy for third party vendors especially when it comes to security aspects of MacOS. The process is complicated enough to move the information between machines let alone extract it. https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/keychain-access/copy-keychains-to-another-mac-kyca1121/mac
  19. You probably will have to reinstall the Linux. In my case, I just updated manually on both systems (Lubuntu & Windows 10) new passwords until the issue of sync with gdrive on my Lubuntu LT is resolved. btw. have you tried to restore your enpass data from the backup file on the Laptop? - because that's the way I was able to restore mine
  20. My problem right now is that my Enpass on Linux has diverged from the one on Windows and Android; I have new passwords on Linux which need to be brought over to the other copies. I can't just delete my enpass folder...
  21. Can someone produce a "side load" version of EDGE Extension. As I understand it CHROME/FIREFOX extensions should be easily modified to work and side loaded into EDGE. Orr if someone already has please provide the link. Thanks
  22. Hi @Vikram Dabas. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my rant. You clearly sensed my frustration as I was wiping all things Enpass off my Slate and reinstalling the stable version. Thanks for getting the CPU Drain fix pushed out (to you and/or the team). I'm back in the beta boat. It's tough - we're the ungrateful consumers constantly begging for updates and features while whining about costs. But then again especially beta testers are donating our devices (some of which are pretty high value) to you to make your product more marketable. It's a tough tension. I look forward to seeing how you guys resolve it. In any event, I've grabbed the last two updates to the beta. Everything seems fast and fluid. There are two things that should still be looked at: I'm assuming that the Enpass Service notification will be mandatory; if that's the case, then please confirm. In any event, there's a typo in it: it reads "Enpass Autofill Serive" When the app has been running for a while and you go to close it, sometimes it keeps popping up as many as three times. Current setup causing it: Running a Pixel Slate in Tablet Mode (no mouse/keyboard/cover attached) on Stable v74 (fully updated) Enpass App is pinned to the shelf Press and hold Enpass App and choose "Close" Expected behaviour: Enpass App Closes Experienced behaviour: Enpass App opens. Press and hold and choose Close, enpass app appears to minimize and re-open. Rinse and repeat until it finally does close (and it does, but after several tries Those are the only ones that I've found so far. Thanks for improving the process for us. Another random feedback that I'm going to leave here rather than risking trying to get it out elsewhere. I've had a horrible time getting this posted. I actually drafted the bulk of this the day that you posted (and @Dentonthebear) and couldn't actually post. The anti-spam filter kept advising me that I was posting too many times or that my browser was forbidden. I also keep getting login problems accusing my domain of being a spam domain. I am sending this from a static IP address because it's my business computer - I'm a lawyer in Canada. I'm not sure what's going on, but maybe the spam filter could be eased up a little bit? Thanks! I'm not sure if this was aimed at me or not, but I'll respond to it because I want to be clear that I wasn't whining about a beta product not being ready for prime-time use. Rather, I was complaining about the lack of updates to the beta. Whether those updates came in the form of an actual update to the software itself (even with a disclaimer of "Try this out and see if the CPU bug is gone") or in a post ("Just FYI: we've nailed the CPU bug and will be rolling out an update to the software in a fortnight, barring other build issues"), I just wanted to know that this was actually getting fixed and that we could expect to continue testing. As I said: I don't mind donating my bloody expensive device for testing beta products if I know that the testing is leading somewhere. I was starting to wonder if this was going to languish in beta for six months, maybe even a year. Over a month without any changes to the beta and no roadmap for when we should see it doesn't inspire me to help them beta test. It inspires me to wait in the rest of the forums for the update to hit whenever it hits and to not help them out with the test. If I'm alone in that sentiment, then so be it, but I wanted it said just in case there's others like me reporting everything from showstoppers to cosmetic bugs and then wondering if we'll ever see a fix.
  23. One important & unrelated question please: HOW DO YOU DELETE A POST? I don't seem to be able to remove a post which was posted by mistake.
  24. Thank you! That does help some, but I would still like to see an option under 'Ask Master Password' for 'Never' like I could do on lastpass, if possible. (something to note is that on lastpass it would show as a checkbox that says 'remember for 30 days' when you first logged in, and a second checkbox to remember password - but if you checked both of those and also had a different setting set in the options to remember forever it would actually remember forever instead of the 30 days.) - it would give you a warning about it being unsecure if you did that, but it would still let you do it. I'm just trying to make this as user friendly as I possibly can for my wife who despises the idea of a password manager in the first place so any annoyances I can spare her from the better. She's already pissed that I switched us from lastpass to enpass, lol.
  25. I believe this is already a feature that will be in an upcoming release, a quick search of the forums will throw up some previous posts on the issue.
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