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  2. I use Enpass on two Win 10 laptops and a Pixel 3. I'm syncing to one of my google drive accounts. I have disconnected and reconnected several times, but cannot find any evidence of Enpass data anywhere in the on line or local versions of my drive folder. I check for most recent data in Drive right after Enpass says it just did a sync, but there is nothing there. What am I missing?
  3. Hey, is there an option to stop Enpass from minimizing in my taskbar when i close the full Window?
  4. The posted QT Settings doesn't have any effect on my client machine (Ubuntu Budgie 19.10). Also the settings from knowledge base. Enpass is the only application where the fonts are tiny and unreadable on my hidpi screen Could you give me any advise?
  5. So I'm trying to migrate from Mac OS X to linux and unexpectedly Enpass is proving to be the main sticking point. Originally I had a issue with Enpass crashing after entering the master password but managed to resolve this, however now I can't get the app to talk to the firefox browser extension. I'm running Enpass 5.6.9 on a new install of Debian 10 x64 along with firefox extension version 5.5.2 on firefox 60.8.0esr. clicking on the enpass icon in Firefox just prompts me to enable browser extensions in the app which I have already done. I'm now at a bit of a loss as to what the issue is.
  6. Hi everyone, Recently I got a Pinebook which is a cheap laptop with ARM SoC, I found out that Enpass' official repository does not have ARM support. I also checked the InRelease file, seems there's no ARM support at all. There are also not a lot discussion about this. So is there any plan for supporting Linux on ARM? I believe there will be more and more ARM laptops coming out these days, so it would be awesome if Enpass supports them. And another questions is, with the reality that there are more and more non-x86 machines appear on the market (e.g. RISC-V, POWER), how can I/we use Enpass on those machines? Sincerely, Kay.
  7. Last week
  8. Hello, I am using one vault which is synced using WebDAV. Now I would like to create a different vault for my parents with their own master password. As soon as I try to set up sync for the second vault I get a message that this will change the password for WebDAV. Why can‘t I use one WebDAV sync for two different vaults with different master passwords? Am I missing something? Thank you
  9. Hey, is there an option to stop Enpass from minimizing in my taskbar when i close the full Window?
  10. Would be great to hear an update about this crucial feature fix.
  11. See, I have also the same issue. Even after adding an extension on my safari browser it didn't work. I thought maybe safari can't verify the identity of the website. Is there any proper solution??
  12. I use Authy on my phone to generate TOTP codes. I turned on 2FA in my Nextcloud account. As expected, Enpass (on my Mac) is no longer able to sync. I checked Nextcloud support. They said to use "app passwords". Allegedly you go into the preferences for the application that you want to sync, and there is a place to enter an app password. https://help.nextcloud.com/t/two-factor-authentication-totp/52347 I couldn't find this in Enpass. How do I sync my database with a copy stored on a Nextcloud server that has TOTP 2FA enabled?
  13. Hello, I encountered a website where 3 mandatory fields are requiered( in stead of 2) Is this possible?? Many greetings, Berend
  14. Hello, The file saved on Google Drive for example, is encrypted and can only be read with Enpass when decrypted by your master password. Where is the problem? No one is forced to go through Google's cloud. Enpass supports syncing of data across devices through your own account on following clouds: • Dropbox • Google Drive • OneDrive • iCloud • WebDAV
  15. Current stable versions from the store. Chrome 76 and iOS 12.4
  16. Hi @reno We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Please drop us an email at support@enpass.io along with your purchase receipt so that we can help you better. Thanks!
  17. Hi, Thanks for writing back and sharing the details. I have noted it down and notified the QA team to look into it. Thanks for your co-operation.
  18. Hi @Idoki, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. Please share the following details so that we can investigate where the problem could be. On which device (along with OS version) are you using Enpass? Which Enpass and Chrome version are you using? Thanks for co-operation!
  19. d1abo

    No HIDPI icon in menu bar

    Mac OS X Mojave - 10.14.6 (18G87) Resolution is MacBookPro15,2 native one : 2560 x 1600 As seen on screenshot Enpass (and SwitchDrive which is based on OwnCloud) icons, do not appear as "Cisco Jabber" and "Traps antivirus". Hope this helps. Thanks for your reply.
  20. Plus one. I'd like to use it in Alfred.
  21. It looks like correcting this is as easy as disabling browser extensions (settings -> browser). This assumes you don't want to use extensions at all. If you want to leave extensions enabled, you can right click on the URL and select copy. This will copy only the URL to the clipboard, which you can paste into your browser.
  22. Can confirm this is the behavior is see on Mac Desktop Version 6.1.3(420)
  23. Hi, this still does not work for me. I have to be logged into the microsoft store to enable premium features. I'm running enpass 6.1.2 (432). If I try to restore purchase without being logged in to the microsft store I get "Error while restoring purchase. Error code 301".
  24. 1. Go in Chrome to passwords, choose export, select "Copy to Enpass". 2. Nothing happens
  25. Hi @Anshu kumar, I have waited quite a while and now found a new version 6.1.3 in the Mac AppStore. I removed all local data and tried to sync with my NextCloud again. If I type the URL to the WebDav without https:// the client crashes immediately and if I type it with https:// it won't sync and the ball spins endlessly. All my other clients, Win and iOS, work well with the same folder. I am struggling with the WebDav issue ever since the 6.x.x released :-( Thank you and kind regards, Sebastian
  26. Hi @matt73 Thanks for using Enpass and buying pro version. Please follow the steps mentioned below and revert to us if the issue persists: Open your default browser --> Logout from your OneDrive account Now open Enpass again and try to sync. Hope this helps!
  27. So similar problem here... I've two different vaults, one for private use and one for work. As my phone is basically for private use, I've my MS private account synced in it (autologin and contacts synced too to my MS Live account). The problem, as yours, is that I'm unable to sync my work vault (or any other in OneDrive) because Enpass allways try to connect with my private account to OneDrive and never let me to change my login user (also with autofill disabled). The pretty thing is that with any other webservice, as Dropbox for example, Enpass ask me for user and password, but does not do that with OneDrive. I bought pro Android app yesterday, I hope anybody can help us. I guess people from Enpass have a look on forums. If not I will contact support and, if I get a solution I will post it here.
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