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  2. The phenomenon is like when I try to click on a button use trackpad on the panel of Enpass in Safari, I have to click it to make it response rather than just tap it. When I tap it, the button will be selected but nothing will happen unless I click it. However, in the system setup, I have already checked "Tap to Click" option.
  3. I get that - its entering your password each time inorder for Enpass ti fill in Amazon’s user name.
  4. Hello, Garima! My device is Windows 10 Pro 1909 (Build 18363.836). The version of Enpass is 6.4.2 (662). The problem occurs from time to time. It fixed itself after system reboot, this time.
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  6. Hey @sethm Thanks for your patience. As Amazon website login page has username and password field on different pages. That's the reason it can't be auto-filled with a single click. You have to first need to fill the username and then the password. However, our Dev team is looking into it how we can improve this behavior. Regarding Android, we have tested this in our lab and it also works in a similar way as Enpass auto-fill works for Amazon website on iPad Pro. It would be great if you share the small video of the Android auto-fill so that we can check again. Thanks for the co-operation.
  7. Hey @Ulmisch Thanks for the patience. Unfortunately, our QA team is not able to reproduce it. Please share the URL/IP address with which you are facing the issue so that they can test the issue again. Thanks for the understanding.
  8. Hi @Nimber Unfortunately, I am not able to understand the issue you are having with Enpass. Please let us know so that I can assist you better. Thanks.
  9. Hey @JürgenO Our Dev team is looking into this issue of auto-fill to resolve and hopefully, a fix will be available in the future update. To prevent duplication of efforts, please revert on the same if you have any concerns. Thanks for then co-operation.
  10. Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, it doesn't really solve the problem. Enpass is auto-filling the user name field on some web sites with the email address information instead of the information stored for the user name. In Enpass, the Username field is set to (type = username) and the E-mail field is set to (type = email). If I set the E-mail field (type = text), Enpass functions correctly. This only happens in the Android version on Enpass. The desktop version fills in the correct information without having to change the E-mail field type to text. Unless there is an explanation I will continue to define the E-mail address field as (type = text). Thank you.
  11. Hey @Groby Thanks for letting us know that you would like to see SSH Agent support. Significant user demand is a big factor that determines our priorities for new features. We really appreciate you for exploring the app and giving time in finding this valuable suggestion. The suggestion has been noted and forwarded to the development team. Thanks for the co-operation.
  12. Hey @Bob___ Thanks for writing back. We appreciate your suggestion. Please note that we already have a feature request for the same, which is aligned for implementation. Thanks for the co-operation.
  13. Hey @predecessor Welcome to the forum! Please share some more info so that we can check further. On which device are you having this issue? Which Enpass version are you using? Thanks.
  14. Hey @truehumandesign Thanks for sharing it. I have noted down this issue and notified the team to look into it. Thanks for your cooperation.
  15. Hey @mattias Please try to extract the portable of Enpass in your USB and then run & select the USB as a storage location. By doing this if the problem still persists then please share in which browser you are facing the issue? Also, please let us know if you have installed Native Enpass(other than Portable Enpass) in your device? Thanks for the co-operation.
  16. Hey @BrigoNortensson Thanks for sharing your inputs and notifying us. I will forward the same to the concerned team. Also, I am glad to know that you have managed to resolve the issue by yourself. Thanks.
  17. Hey @yellowtee Thanks for sharing the video. Please try the latest beta version of Enpass from windows Store and share your findings with us. Thanks.
  18. Hey @Markbe Thanks for the patience. We would like to share that the issue has been reproduced by the QA team. Now our Dev team is looking into this issue to resolve and hopefully, a fix will be available in the future update. Thanks for your co-operation.
  19. Hello, I uploaded a video with the issue I have, please see:
  20. Hello, ok, so here's how my sign-on screen to iCloud looks like: THere is a check box "Apple ID merken", which means "keep Apple ID", or "memorize Apple ID". I have never checked this box because I was waiting to see something like "keep me logged in" and the semantics of "keep Apple ID" is not the same as "keep me logged in". This was misleading me. So this time I have checked this box. Let's see what happens. From the descriptions so far I was waiting to see the "keep me signed in" check box after Enpass signs in to iCloud and not before. Sorry if this was the problem. Thanks for pointing this out so clearly.
  21. I have solved my problem, after about a day's worth of troubleshooting. Enpass 6.x does not handle spaces correctly in the webdav url. Spaces in a url should be encoded as %20, and that's what I tried. It would always fail to sync. If I put them into a path that had no space, I could get it to sync to any arbitrary folder, so it wasn't a problem with arbitrary paths. When I however use an actual space character in the url (instead of url encoding) suddenly it started working. I will now begin the process of upgrading to 6.x on all my devices (5.x was getting rather painful at this point, since there haven't been browser plugins in a long time). Mostly I was forced to figure it out, since iOS decided to upgrade my phone without my permission.
  22. Hi @Garima Singh Thank your time and the instructions provided. Referring to your first question, I set up the primary and secondary vaults on my laptop, and not on separate devices. I set a unique password for the secondary. (Since my original post I've reviewed the manual more and also seen how to copy or move items from the the primary to the secondary vault.) I've not installed Enpass yet on my disabled son's laptop as I wasn't sure when installing it how the secondary vault set-up works. As I need access to both primary and secondary vaults on his laptop I'll jest set up Enpass using my existing user details I've used on my laptop. Regarding my disabled son's 3 sibblings, can I give them access to my secondary vault only so they can access their brothers info if/when required but not have access to my Primary vault? My daughter uses her own Enpass account and my other two sons don't use Enpass.
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  24. Dear @Garima Singh I tried but it still does not work... macOS Catalina 10.15.5 BR
  25. I can confirm that the steps from above aren't solving the issue for me.
  26. Hello! I have the same problem. The app hangs on copy.
  27. Hello Garima, Thank you for your answer. I would be very pleased if your team could take this into account for the next Enpass update to better integrate the Windows Hello function into Enpass. But please also remember that you don't have to click on the Windows Hello smiley to use Windows hello Kind regards Bob
  28. Thank you very much for your reply! My Enpass version is 6.4.2 (668). Mac model is MacBookPro16,2. macOS version is 10.15.5.
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