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  2. I'm again replying to my own post as I have further information based on a recent discovery. I found out that there is a synced vault file that exist on my OneDrive under folder APPS/ENPASS. I did not/could not see that folder from my File Explorer view on my Laptop. I found it there when I looked at OneDrive via the web view. I would still appreciate some feedback as to how to set up Enpass on my wife's Desktop computer based on the "assumptions" I've made in my previous post. Thanks in advance.
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  4. They are already using my Nextcloud for testing. Let's hope for a quick fix!
  5. When you press Command + Q on macOS when the Enpass Assistant or its full window is open, it not only closes the window itself, but it kills the whole app. This removes its icon from the title bar, so you can no longer activate the assistant with a keyboard shortcut. You have to open it manually again. IMHO, the icon in the title bar should be independent from the application windows; these should be different processes, or at least Command + Q should only close the window, instead of killing the whole process. Will be grateful if you consider a change here. Thank you!
  6. I'm a little frustrated as I have not yet received any replies to my post. I'm therefore going to "temporarily" make my assumptions while installing Enpass on my wife's desktop PC. a) Download and install Enpass on desktop and register with same email used with the laptop install. Use the "same" master password that was used for the laptop install. b) build website details with the same csv import used when building the laptop version of Enpass to insure both laptop and desktop vaults are identical. c) there is no need to download and install the Enpass Edge extension as it already exists because both machines are always in sync because they use the same microsoft account and share the same OneDrive cloud. d) run Enpass backup and sync to OneDrive. I'm not sure the above procedure is correct for 2 reasons: 1) I do not see any files on OneDrive that suggest a synced vault exist. The only file(s) that I see is the Enpass backup file... I'm confused here 2) Enpass website details suggest that if you want to run Enpass on multiple devices you need the subscription based version of Enpass... I'm hopeful someone will reply to my last 2 posts so I can educate my wife on the use of Enpass,,, Thanks in advance.
  7. There is a nasty bug that makes the use of Enpass cumbersome (tested on both Windows and macOS). Namely, keyboard shortcuts to copy the password, user name, or URL. I usually use the one for copying password (on macOS it is Shift + Command + P), so let me concentrate on it. The steps to reproduce the issue: Option + Command + P (this is my shortcut for opening Enpass Assistant), Type any text to filter items, With arrow keys select the one you are interested in, Press Shift + Command + P to copy the password. You should expect to have your password copied to clipboard, but in some cases it just doesn't work. You can repeat the steps or press the shortcut keys ten times, but it makes no effect until you right click the item and copy the password manually. I will be grateful if you have a look at it. Thank you!
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  9. I have the exactly same problem. I am also using Nextcloud 19 for syncing via webdav. Enpass Clients are the latest iOS App on latest iOS and the latest Enpass client for Debian Linux (Buster). Both stopped syncing from one day to another round about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Same for me! I did not changed anything (I know, this is what they always tells you)
  10. Hello i experienced the same problem with debian buster 10.4 Is the issue still under investigation?
  11. Authy makes a desktop version of it's authenticator - how awesome would it be to have the functionality right in Enpass! Just press the hotkey and it recognizes the site your on and pulls up the associated 2FA code. That would be so awesome!!
  12. I've installed and registered Enpass on my laptop and it works great. Now that I've confirmed it does everything I want, I need to set up Enpass on my wife's desktop. What would be the process for making this happen based on the following information: a) Enpass (free version) is currently installed on my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro having one SSD. b) My wife's desktop is a Dell XPS 8930 having one SSD (C drive with ops system) and one HDD (D drive with user date) c) Both machines share the same microsoft account and share the same OneDrive which is synced at all times I "assume" I need a subscription based Enpass to allow multiple device use I'm not sure how to set up Enpass properly on my wife's desktop to insure we are both using the same Enpass database (vault). Based on what I know at this point is that my laptop Enpass vault currently resides in my user folder. If I install Enpass on her Desktop, the Enpass vault would exist in her user folder. Therefore, it looks like two separate vaults... thus my confusion as to how to set up a shared Enpass network environment. Kindly provide any advise to properly set up Enpass on multiple PC's. Thanks in addvance.
  13. HI @Springcomp, We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We are working to solve this issue. An updated Beta version will be available in a week or so where we have made some changes. You could try reinstalling Enpass (after backing up the data) for a temporary fix to the solution. Thanks!
  14. Hi @JJK, Thanks for sharing the details. I guess the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this FAQ will help you with the display issue. Let us know if you face any difficulty.
  15. Hi @ChrisR Thanks for writing back in. Please follow the below mentioned steps: Open Enpass --> Go to Settings --> Tap on Account --> Change email --> select Use Email -> Enter OTP which you receive on the new mail ID --> Proceed If you face any issue or you get any error, please let us know.
  16. Hi @vvijayakrishnan, Thanks for writing back in. Currently we haven't given any option to the users to view the crash report. However, we have noted down this request and forwarded it to the concerned team for further consideration. Meanwhile, if you want to check what information does the crash report contains, have a look at this FAQ. Also, we are able to reproduce this issue at our end, and our team is already working on it. Hopefully, the fix will be available in future updates. If you have any questions, please let us know.
  17. Following I have issues with enpass crashing in chrome, almost every time after computer was asleep (at least I think that has to do with the issue). I'm always submitting crash reports. Using Enpass client 6.4.3 (666) Chrome extension 6.4.0
  18. Hi, this does not solve my problem. Your FAQ: "This has the same meaning as if you want to link your purchase with another email (transfer of purchase). Your purchase will be transferred to another account and all the devices linked with the previous email may be changed to Lite. A confirmation dialogue will be displayed before the transfer. " What does it mean? How do I transfer my purchase? I cannot find a transfer option in the app
  19. Hi Mr Sharma, Thanks for the response. But its disappointing. //Users cannot see the crash report; it is only accessible to our developers.// Isn't this what we have pointed out. You are restating my question and saying that is the answer. Moreover, Enpass neither shows us the report so that we can be confident no confidential information is part of it. Nor Enpass allow us an option to save it for future reference from your end. But you are asking me to send the report again. Where from will I get the crash report? There is some basic flaw in the way this problem resolution process is working. Anyway, I don't know this back and forth communication is going to help at all. Thanks.
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  21. Hi, thank you for your reply. Yes the problem comes again, very often. Here are the answers to the questions: I’m using Enpass on the following devices: PC Laptop Surface Pro, Windows 10, Enpass v6.4.3 (666) PC Laptop Lenovo ThinkPad P51, Windows 10, Enpass v6.4.3 (666) SmartPhone Huawei P10, Android 9, Enpass v6.4.5.368 Tablet Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite 10, Android 8.0.0, v6.4.5.368 The error message during sync is: Synchronization error The password for the data on OneDrive is required. When I press the "Resolve now" button, I get a prompt to enter the "password for the data on OneDrive". I have no idea what this "password" is. I tried the Master password but it does not work. The only way to solve this problem, is to stop synch’ing the data, erase the data from OneDrive, and resynch’. Then on all the other devices, I have to stop synch’in and setup the synch’ again. The date and time is set to automatic on all my devices The date and time of last sync is updated on the sync page (until the error comes up again)
  22. Here are my screen shots... Thanks in advance for any related advice
  23. Hi @Zoker @vvijayakrishnan, There's a bit misunderstanding here. Sorry for that! The logs option is only available in the website version of Enpass. As you've been using the Store version; it's not available. However, I have noted down the issue you're facing and our QA team is looking into it. Why can't we see the actual crash report that is sent? Users cannot see the crash report; it is only accessible to our developers. Please share the crash report mentioning your name, so that our team can quickly identify the report and look into the crash details. Thanks for your co-operation.
  24. Hi @JJK, Welcome to the forums! The orientation could be a problem here. How do you use your device - Portrait or Landscape mode? Also, if you could share a screenshot of the import page; that'd be useful.
  25. Hi @ride2liv, Thanks for writing back in. Our team is looking into this issue. If possible, try the website version of Enpass using this link (website version is given at the bottom of the page) and share your findings with us. Thanks for your co-operation.
  26. Has any progress been made to this. This is a very important security feature.
  27. I'm replying to my own post as I discovered the issue myself. My current display (Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro) screen settings "may" be hiding the scroll bar that reveal more import options or there are no scroll bars. I discovered more options by accident because I have a touch screen and when I figured out I should try the touch screen to reveal more options, there they were. I apologize for the false alarm. I someone on this form decides to post a comment or reply, can you confirm that there are in fact scroll bars in that import options window? I've ran across screen display issues in the past, but only for very old software. It would be sad if I had to change my display settings for just one program. Perhaps I don't if I can work around this issue with the touch screen.
  28. I'm a new user and I'm trying to import my website details from a csv file (formerly excel format) using the Enpass Logins format per instructions. The same instructions say to select "Pre-formatted CSV" from the import options selections. However, this option does not show up in the list of import options. Is there a work around for this ? e.g., should I make my csv look like a LastPass csv or some other password manager csv format
  29. Thanks Pratyush, Enpass is currently on my desktop, old laptop and mobile device and all works well. Only when trying to setup on my new laptop does it complain as shown in my previous messages. I appreciate the assistance.
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