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  2. Is it possible to either a) setup sync to work while on a LAN only or b) do manual syncs across a LAN or with USB drives?
  3. Version 6.1.2 is out and the bug is still not fixed.
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  5. blicknix

    Enpass RAM issue

    I'm seeing this issue as well since the last update (6.1.1). I have 376 items in one vault and sync to Google Drive. 1.9GB resident RAM used (more than Firefox with an insane number of tabs open). It behaves slow and sloppy (taking several seconds to autofill in the browser often). I mostly wanted to report here to follow this issue and see if there is any resolution soon. Thanks!
  6. If you had a user profiles each you would have separate local vaults, you would not (as far as I am aware) be able to sync them to the same place as the sync'd file is just called Enpass. One account would override another, but if you each has an account with Google Drive then you would be fine.
  7. just got the app a while back and after clearing cache, force stopping and reinstalling a couple of times i could never get past the tutorial screen. it has an arrow and the word skip. i can not tap any of those. i can only swipe through the tutorial im on adroid 5.1.1 on a wiko phone i really wanna use the app
  8. Does this to me too, very annoying and hard to work with. Seems sporadic, some times does it repeatedly quickly, some times takes as long as a minute to jump back up. I hate losing my place.
  9. Hi @Magnus_Carlsen, Thank you for reaching out to us. The correct or rather the more accurate question would be, does Enpass intend to create such a backdoor to steal customer passwords in the future. The answer would be a straightforward no. As a business, Enpass has larger goals that would benefit from securing customer data ( since we are a security company), and not from stealing it. We have complete control over the queries originated from Enpass to servers and what it entails. Furthermore, we have abundant users who happen to be experts in security domain who are more than capable of identifying any such misadventure just by looking at the URL connections created by Enpass and what it contains. Lastly, we get regular 3rd party audits, whose reports are available on our website. Please check out the link here. Thanks!
  10. Hello @Anshu kumar, I have 281 items stored in one single vault I'm using Dropbox to Sync Nope, never changed database location Further info: I restarted the machine 16 hours ago, suspended it for few hours. Right now I'm counting 1,64 GB of RAM usage in Activity Monitor by Enpass process. Thank you for your assistance.
  11. You guys are fast! Sorry I didn't notice it before, or read the manual. LOL. Thanks!
  12. Hi, i have lost an entry in Enpass during access of an Website accidental. Now i ask me (better you) if it is possible to open the Database only readable to avoid such a failure. Writing only after after a second login, or something like that. Frank
  13. Hi @ironicmoka, Thanks for reporting this issue and we are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Please let me know are you facing the problem even after restarting the app and share the following info so that we can check further: Number of items and Vaults in Enpass? Which cloud service are you using to sync? Have you changed the Enpass database location? Thanks for your co-operation.
  14. Hi @scottjl, Thanks for writing in. I would like to share that Enpass already have the option to see the history of changes in every kind of fields in an item except Notes. For more details please have a look at our user manual. Cheers!
  15. I´d like to switch from 1Password to Enpass, but i´m facing a problem importing data. I´m using 1Password for Windows, I exported all my data to a 1pif file and tried to import it into enpass version 6.1.1 (451). I got an error "nothing to import". The i tried to export all data in csv and imported it in enpass. But in enpass everything looks messed up. No categories as well. Did i do something wrong? I would urgently need the imported data, otherwise we cannot switch the product. Otto
  16. What about this problem? I have the same. Will it be fixed in the near future? I´d like to switch from 1Password to Enpass, but i need my data!
  17. Hi. I am on 6.1.1 (424) and am not able to setup any kind of cloud sync. Everything stops at the message "you have been directed to [cloud] login page. How can I fix this?
  18. I just noticed that the new Windows desktop version now allows fields to be reordered! I asked for this a while ago and am stoked this was added. When creating custom section/fields and having to re-edit, the old version left the account a mess. Now I can re-order and clean things up logically. For those who haven't used it, when editing an account look for the three lines on the right of the field. This is the handle to drag and drop the field to a new location. It's a little hard to see with dark mode, but it's there. Thanks again Enpass!!
  19. It is obvious that Enpass is safer than could based managers. If you are looking for the safest option, Which one do you think is the safest?
  20. My questions is simple and straight forward. I was not able to find a clear answer to this question. I know that I am storing my passwords on my own local storage which makes it way safer than cloud based managers. My question is, Can Enpass get my passwords? We are using Enpass platform at the end of the day. Can they build a back door in the application that allows them to get our passwords? Dont get me wrong I love Enpass, But I want to make sure that I'm safe. Cheers,
  21. Mac users? No. But if it’s the only way to do it we will. Do you think we could have different vaults as different users?
  22. I would suggest go to Gdrive where enpass is stored and examine its exact location - then match it on the App itself. setting/Vaults/Primary/synchronize (pointing to Google drive).
  23. ************************SOLVED******************************** My problem was that, I installed enpass on the root (Admin) account, and tried to use it on the user account. Obviously with limited privileges & administrative permission it did not work. I solve the problem with uninstalling the enpass from the admin & re-installed it on the User account.
  24. Yesterday
  25. My Enpass account is mysteriously gone. Been using Enpass on the desktop, as well as the Firefox extension. Last time I used it was yesterday!! This morning I clicked to open it and was greeted with the "Setup Required" dialog. None of the restoration options seem to work. I even tried the new user process, but that gave me an error message "There seems to be an issue creating the vault". What now?
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