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    Unfortunately the new enpass version brings multiple annoyances, reduced efficiency, and a complete disregard to GUI design rules. The interface is counter intuitive and counter productive. There is no consistency throughout the experience, and my actual work process became much slower, either trying to find the required functionality, or waiting for enpass to perform its tasks. To open the enpass windows app, you have to click on the taskbar icon, click the 3 lines menu, and select open enpass. In the previous version it was a simple double-click on the taskbar icon. When searching for credentials in the enpass windows app, there's a delay of at least 4 seconds before the enpass application responds to any input. After a computer restart I have to wait for at least 10 seconds for the chrome plugin, while it searches for the windows application. In the previous version it was an instant password prompt. There are multiple other minor annoyances which when put together, significantly affect my efficiency when looking for passwords. And even though I paid for the iOS app, today I started searching for a new password manager software. It's a shame really because enpass was amazingly good before this "upgrade". Approving this "upgrade" for public release was not a very good decision. Please take this as constructive feedback, since I'm a fan of enpass and I would love it to succeed. This new version though was a bad decision.
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    attachements: I did not have any in enpass however safeincloud is limited to 150KB per file others: I am not sure I had any custom fields in enpass either as well as totp I migrated to enpass v5 from Keepass but once I test properly android and iOS I will move to safeincloud especially that it supports family plans and with few people in my family we will have nice password manager for 1 time pay - unless devs of safeincloud do what devs of enpass did ;-(
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    @earl.grey I owe you one for the safeincloud!!!
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    I just exported v6 enpass to json and imported SUCCESSFULLY to Safeincloud! that is the first step to say GOOD BYE to enpass - let me test iOS and Android... it is in the Import menu - it says "v6 and above of enpass"
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    crashlytics was even bought by Google and is now implemented in firebase. its a standard developer tool. https://firebase.google.com/docs/crashlytics/ Were did you read that Safe in Cloud will allow to import Enpass 6 Databases? This would be awesome.
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    not sure what the problem is but auth.gfx.ms is the official Microsoft Debug Login and authentification API. so everything fine here. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2655102/internet-accessible-urls-required-for-connectivity-to-microsoft-dynami crashlytics is just a standard software for developers to collect and understand crash reports/logs. no access to encrypted databases http://try.crashlytics.com
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    Hey Enpass Team, in my opinion you really Fuc*** up the newest version of Enpass 6. Im currently in the state of mind, that im sick on reporting bugs and defects. (Great btw that you cut support for portable version with Enpass6 and not telling anybody) I just want a working password manager. Basically i want Enpass 5. I found already the source links for Enpass5 Deskop programs. Problem is my iOS devices. There i already updated to the shit Enpass6 version and (of course) the databases aren´t compatible to Enpass 5 and now i have 2 databases syncing). Is there a way to roll back to Enpass 5 on iOS devices? IF NOT: Is there a way i can move over fully to another Password Manager (in my case Safe in Cloud)? I mean not just the standard fields. i mean with custom fields, with attachments, TOTP Codes etc etc.
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    agreed. Enpass 6 is horrible. i switched now to LastPass and will monitor if Enpass will work to get as good as Enpass 5 again.
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    The new UI definitely leaves a lot to be desired. I know the Enpass team worked hard on it, but I think they just started from the wrong philosophy. They've had lots of feedback, and have participated in these forums to varying degrees (I get the impression that Enpass is not the primary paying job for any of them, so that's understandable), so I hope for some improvements over time — but it may be a while since redesigning a redesign is major work. This stinks, but there's a workaround: Settings > General > System-Wide Hotkey could save you a step. (At least, that's where to find this preference on Mac. I think it's in roughly the same place on Windows, but I don't have my Windows machine in front of me right now.) I've already complained a few times about the removal of CMD+E for opening the full window from the mini window. Can't imagine why that hasn't been restored. Doesn't seem like it would be that much work to map that key command, but then I'm not a code guy.
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    Hello, in Enpass I have created an Identity and also filled many fields. But some fields can not be filled when I select the identity. Suggestion: A very comfortable way would be to right-click in a form field and select "Enpass -> Fill Identity -> " and here a sub-menu with all fields of the identity are shown. So I can for example select “Enpass -> Fill Identity -> Street” and Enpass fills in the street that is stored at the identity. Best regards OLLI
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    v6 enpass Android webdav sync error code 908401. enpass windwos webdav sync error code 908409. I sent a feedback email 7 days ago, I've been waiting too long.
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    they are not supporting existing users with the issues that arrived in v6 - how do you expect them to support exiting user? first and the utmost important: upgrade of database from v5 to v6 without consent second: export from v6 in unreadable by any other software format? should I continue?
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    read it right. All previous basic features were and still are free of charge. Only " Nice to Have " features, which are NEW but not forced on the user for the function, cost extra. You don't need these things to use the main function of the program. This is what so many developers do. The main program with all functions is free only " nice to have " festures kosten extra. Nobody complains about that either.
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