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    Hello all, I am trying to get my Fedora 29 installation to connect the Firefox extension to Enpass6 beta. The app is listening at port 10396 and the browser extension seems to only try 10390-10395. How to I either get Enpass to initialize a lower port number or for the browser extension to look at the higher port number? Also, I see that beta 6.0.6 is available. I don't get it when I do an try to do an update.
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    I am on with this one, i pretty much use one email for most services, thus it would make sense to enable me to autofill that entry.
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    WebDAV is now even more broken than before. The data on my NAS got corrupted. Unbelievable how a good, working software could become such a piece of crap.
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    Same for me. For now I'm checking the new bug discussions in the forum but I'm not willing waiting for Enpass any longer. I have switched to Safeincloud using Webdav there. It has not as many features but the ones it has are stable....
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    Yeah I'm baffled enpass doesn't have this. The free KeePass implementations all do from what I can tell.
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    It appears to be lost from Windows as well. I have submitted a request to Enpass to restore. Without the ability to restore, and to keep devices sync'd I will need to be searching for another password software soon. I will not sync outside my own home network, and it took a long time to find Enpass.......
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    Hey @irobm, Since Enpass 6 is based on a new architecture, it will only sync with Enpass 6, and not with previous versions. So, to test the sync functionality, you’d need to install the Enpass 6 on your other devices as well. Thanks!
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    And support wrote me in February: " Me: “Enpass can no longer handle directories that contain a space.” Support: This issue has been fixed and the update will be available in the next update. I will like to have your feedback after the update. Thanks for your co-operation." They have never tested it
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    It's not only the price. 1password also has a lot more features and I never had any issues with it. It just worked. I still hope that Enpass is able to fix that shortcut issues. Would be a lot of work to switch again back...
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