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    Apologies if this has been requested before. I would like the ability to have a drop down selection box for email address and username whereby you can select previously used when setting up a new record. This would save having to type out every time.
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    Hi 1Password offers a feature called Watchtower. That points out stored logins where 2FA is available but not used yet. Any change you are going to integrate that as well? I would like to know when a website offers 2FA which I don't use yet. I would like to check all my logins at once. https://twofactorauth.org Thanks Mike
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    Just curious: So you figured out what causes this behaviour? Can you tell some details?
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    Hey @AgentBrownie Welcome to the forum! We would like to share that our Dev team is looking into this issue to resolve and hopefully, a fix will be available in the future update. Thanks for your co-operation.
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    Good to hear. Let me know, if further support is needed or if you need more information.
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    Hello there, just like to "confirm" that I experience the same isssue on Kali Linux. Error message when trying to sync with iCloud is "Error while restoring data." xxx@yyy:~$ uname -a Linux kali 5.5.0-kali2-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.5.17-1kali1 (2020-04-21) x86_64 GNU/Linux Thx for investigating!
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    @Pratyush Sharma I just had another crash and reported it with this text: Hope that helps
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    Hi @Pratyush Sharma I just send you the credentials. I'm sorry if created a ticket.
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    thankyou this problem has been going on since last year i thought u guys will fix it but it wasnt, this made me feel relying on a 3rd party company is not good for managing ur valuable passwords, rather i would stick to something robust like microsoft excel where its just a plain sheet atleast it will have less bugs than a password manager and i can customise or organize things easily. in enpass organizing passwords into tags is a big pain. obviously u guys should have made it folders rather than tags or atleast make the tags work like folders, ever since u brought tags it was a disaster. and rather than us having to even type the tags to get suggestions, if we already have self created tags, enpass should allow us to have the option to also pick from a list of tags rather than having to type it. both should be possible. coz sometimes i have way too many tags that typing to get suggestions is not always practical. allow us to pick from list of tags aswell besides also being able to type and get tag suggestions
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    Thank you for your reply. As I will be offline for the next couple of months, I am unable to continue testing and we will need to pick this issue up again in September. Best wishes.
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    Have you tried to type the password in notepad? Your keyboard may be in the wrong keyboard layout. Did you used enpass 5 on previous pc and now trying to run it on enpass 6? Just checking....
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    Hi @Garima Singh, Thanks, I was able to resolve my problem by searching for the Enpass folder, which I found in the Apps folder. Previously, I had renamed an old Enpass folder to "Enpass 1", which may have caused the problem I was having. To fix, I downloaded the latest Enpass file as a backup, then deleted both Enpass folders and reconnected and resynced all 3 devices. John
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    Hello, I installed Chromium and made it the default browser, then tried again to restore my data from Google Drive. This time it worked! Thanks for the help. The interface looks ugly on the Ubuntu system compared to my SuSE KDE Plasma system but since it is just a VM for tests it doesn't matter. Kind regards, Oliver
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    Help/about is not available until I get into enpass, but it was the latest from the Microsoft store downloaded day before yesterday.
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    Would like the ability to swap the green copy buttons to the left side for left handed users.
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    Thank you Garima - it worked. I find it a bit weird that it would be called "Create a vault" because it sounds like you are about to create a new vault, when actually you are just importing an existing one.
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    Hi Garima, "Show Enpass in menu bar" was disabled, as I like to have a clean and tidied up menu bar showing only items I need frequently. And I need Enpass mainly for Web passwords. I will activate this option and see whether this solves this issue. I will keep you updated, also if this solves this issue. Best, Chris
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    The best option would probably be to use the macOS data preference.
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    Add Duplicate to the right click menu when right clicking an item
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    @mark chang yes of course. I'm syncing on gdrive and everything is ok on all my devices except the one I'm using to help Enpass Support to solve onedrive issue. My 'official' cloud service where I have all data is OneDrive. Gdrive and google are not my first choice. I'm syncing there only due to this emergency status. @AnthonyJT you're right but I paid for Enpass :-D and most important, I like it. I work in a software house and I know the importance of data get from debugger :-D
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    I've seen this done to mask User ID (which as Hitman mentioned above, indicates plain-text storage, but for a User ID that's OK), but for a Password? I hope I don't run into any systems that use this, especially not financial services companies!
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    Same request from me, miss having it from my iphone!
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    You'd probaby find that using an SSH Access Manager or one of the many free github ones is going to be easier. They all seem to have extra tools for things like rsync. Edit: sorry just seen how old this was
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    Is it possible to add support for remote sync via ssh protocol? rsync-like or scp?
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    As with most password managers, if you've forgotten your master password, your out of luck. https://www.enpass.io/support/kb/master-password/i-forgot-my-master-password-how-can-i-reset-enpass/
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    And please add me to this request - this would make my Pixel Slate experience so much better!
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    Does enpass support fingerprint authentication on Chromebooks like the Pixel Slate? Does enpass support a keyboard shortcut in Chromebooks? I read something about an extension but I am not able to find it.
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    I have had the same onedrive message asking for new password on my mac. I tried to disconnect the sync with no success. Reading this thread I come to the conclusion that it is better to change the cloud service, so I switched to icloud and sync seems to be fine. Of course this is not a solution to many other users. I must say that the enpass support on the topic is not helpful. They just keep asking for more details and log-files while offering the same "solution" that never seemed to have worked for anyone. Sorry, but I am a paying customer for a mature product, not a beta-tester. If you don't have a solution yet then please say so and spare us the trouble of trying again and again.
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    Hi @dridde, Thanks for your feedback! I have noted down this issue and notified the QA team to look into it.
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    I like a cleanup database feature. My database is getting bigger and bigger maybe it also needs better compression. Cleanup old passwords(history) Remove custom icons that are not used. Check database for errors
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    Hi @AlfLaSalle, Thanks for using Enpass and writing to us. We really appreciate you for exploring the app and giving time in finding this valuable suggestion. The suggestion has been already in our roadmap and aligned to be implemented. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    I should add, it's even harder yet to set this up on a mobile device.
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    First off, just wanted to say I'm a long time user of Enpass - awesome product I love it! But recently I've started to make use of more vaults, and I've hit the restriction of only 1 vault per OneDrive account. I have three vaults setup: 1 person, 1 shared with my wife, and 1 for work stuff. My personal vault is stored on my personal OneDrive account. My account shared with my wife we had to store on Google Drive. My work stuff is stored on my work OneDrive account. Trying to setup a personal and business OneDrive account in Enpass is NOT easy. It opens the browser window, which in my case defaults to auto sign in for my personal account. So I had to open a guest browser window, sign into my work account, and get Enpass to open a tab in that browser window to successfully sign in. And I've run into a few little bugs that make me worry that this setup might not be stable long term. For instance, my main account suddenly stopped syncing after a while, then it would no longer accept my master password. So then I backed up my data, had to delete everything on my personal onedrive and resync. Never had this occur until I added the OneDrive for Business account. An easier setup for this scenario would be greatly appreciated. Would it be possible to allow more than a single vault per OneDrive account? Or is this a OneDrive restriction? It feels like you could just create multiple vault folders - Enpass01, Enpass02, Enpass03, etc. But maybe OneDrive sees all Enpass connections as coming from the same app and therefore only allows it access to one folder? In that case, could Enpass just use sub folders of that primary folder? For instance top folder is Enpass, then sub folders are vault01, vault02, vault03, etc. I would love to see these features implemented. Thanks a bunch!
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    That is fine. It's not a big issue. I can edit via my iOS device in the meantime if I need to.
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    SOLUTION: For anybody else who is experiencing the same, I deleted the app from my phone and reinstalled it. That seemed to fix the issue for me.
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    Hi @Krit Thanks for the patience. We would like to share that the issue has been reproduced by the QA team. Now our Dev team is looking into this issue to resolve and hopefully, a fix will be available in the future update. Thanks for your co-operation.
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    +1 while WebDAV is not an option with pCloud as WEBDAV is disabled if you use two factor authentication in pCloud. Saftey first, a full integration of pCloud would be nice.
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    I suffered from the same out of memory crash on my 5120x1440 display on Linux and adding the following to my environment helped: export QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR=0 export QT_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTORS=1 I've added those to my ~/.bashrc but YMMV depending on your shell etc.
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    Great thank! Love the tool
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    Hi @Jeremy @ArP Thanks for writing in. We have noted down your valuable suggestion and forwarded it to the concerned team for further consideration. Thanks for your feedback!
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    Hi @elitesonny Thanks for the patience. I would like to share that the issue has been reproduced by the QA team and assigned it to the Dev team to look into this. Thanks for your co-operation.
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    Hey @Rojma I would like to share that the feature request given by you has been aligned for future implementation. Thanks for the co-operation.
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    Please implement the "vacuum" command. I've added a lot of custom icons and then, when I've seen a slowdown in synchronization, I started removing them, but the DB size didn't change... I've tried opening it with this tool ( https://sqlitebrowser.org/ ) to shrink/compact it, but it is password protected... So, in a long-term vision, this is a must-have feature: the DB cannot grow forever! KeepassXC performs it automatically when saving, while 1Password can compact the DB on-demand from the "Help" menu. Thanks.
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    Came here to request same. More and more of my apps support all forms of biometric unlock on my Samsung S10+ running Android 10. Really hope to see Enpass join the ranks soon!
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