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  1. Come on Enpass team - your handling of this issue is pathetic. Surely it is not hard for you to look up a build number of Windows and see that it is a release build and not a preview build. So many reports of this issue here and on your Twitter feed and yet the ONLY feedback you have given is "Try uninstalling Store app and install MSI version from Enpass website". Pick up your game guys!
  2. +1 I woke up this morning to this (below): Like others, had also just recently installed KB4100403 (https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/help/4100403/windows-10-update-kb4100403) and rebooted about 8 hours prior. All the crashes occurred with zero interaction. Enpass 5.6.17 (5428) Windows Desktop from Windows Store Windows 10 x64 1803 (17134.81) Hopefully the 5.6.9 build mentioned earlier in this thread solves the issue and can be pushed through the Microsoft (Windows) Store A.S.A.P.!
  3. I have also just encountered this issue. Windows 10 Pro x64 1803, Edge Browser, Enable browser extensions was already enabled. Enpass Extension for Edge Browser v5.5.2 Enpass Desktop (Windows Store bridged) v5.6.6 I generally see these issues when the Windows Desktop app is locked, and I then click on the Enpass browser extension button to invoke Enpass. It is as though it is not always cleanly handling communication to the locked desktop app.
  4. Unfortunately, it is completely random. I have not yet identified any repeatable or consistent behaviour to trigger the crash. Just for awareness, my system is in the Release Preview ring and is now Windows 10 v1803 (OS Build 17134.1) with Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0 Does Enpass generate any logs, or is there debug logging I can leave enabled for next time it happens? If not, can you produce an instrumented version?
  5. I'm seeing the same (Enpass 5.6.6 on Win 10 16299.309). It is frustrating as it is only occasionally it opens in a smaller window and as soon as I grab the frame handle to resize it "pops" back to the correct window size.
  6. Since Enpass 5.6.6, I have started getting sporadic crashes. It is often when I have logged into a website, Enpass has popped up and asked me to enter my PIN to unlock and validate what I entered matched what is in Enpass. When it occurs, Enpass generates a dialog box that says: Unfortunately, Enpass has stopped working because of some unexpected error. Application will now terminate. Nothing is logged in the Windows event logs. Is there any data I can collect to provide you to assist in troubleshooting these crashes? I am using Windows 10 x64 v16299.214, Edge browser, and Enpass 5.6.6 desktop bridge version installed from the Microsoft Store
  7. Optional is fine by me.. That said, I don't agree with some of your logic. If you are concerned about security, you would not likely enable PIN which is much easier to 'guess attack' from the console than the more complex master password. If you enable PIN, you aren't really concerned as about security of the console of your device, so my suggestion is an extension of that, and only applied to PIN, not entering master password.
  8. I would like to suggest removing the need to hit the Enter key when entering in a PIN, and possibly also Password, to unlock Enpass. Hitting the enter key here is a completely redundant step when entering a password into an application, especially the PIN option after having already unlocked Enpass with Password at least once since launching it.
  9. +1 More logos is desperately needed.
  10. +1 Should focus on integration with keyboards such a Gboard, SwiftKey, and Samsung keyboard (Samsung just because many won't change default)
  11. Are we going to get an updated Edge browser extension anytime? The last download link I can find is for v5.2.2 back in July 2016, while the Desktop version is now on 5.4.1.
  12. +1 on this topic which has been on the roadmap for 7 months now... C'mon guys, can't be that hard.
  13. Would also love to see PIN unlock option on desktop version for same reasons.
  14. Ahhh... right. Probably worth either mentioning that on the Settings page, or putting a popup reminder when the setting is enabled/changed.
  15. I have a Surface Pro 4 and after updating from 5.2.0 to the 5.2.2 beta to try out the Edge Extension, the Windows Desktop Enpass app data is all compress and overlapping. When I turned on the High-DPI setting and set it to 200% I saw absolutely no change. Changing the DPI setting to other values also resulted in absolutely no change.
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