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  1. On 2/14/2020 at 1:22 PM, Pratyush Sharma said:

    Hi @mufti,

    This issue has already been fixed. Could you please let us know what issue are you facing while changing email so that we can help you better.


    I can confirm, that it was fixed.

    But I didn‘t know it. So please inform the users next time :)

  2. Hi @all,

    I have successfully registrated me for the pro lifetime license, but I inserted by mistake my companies email address and not my private one.
    So I tried to change it, but without success.

    When changing the email I got the following messagers boxes:

    1. I proceed, that it will migrate my license to my new enter email.
    2. I get the follwing error. Whatever I click (Yes or No), I am coming back to the screen, where I used enter new email address.

    Can someone please help me?

    Best regards,

  3. Hi @Pete,


    the points 3,4,6 was already discussed here in this forum. So please don't write it again in another topic, otherwise we discuss same features twice....

    Next I think, that the title is very important and the title of this topic tells nothing really about it....


    I suggest you to delete this topic and create only for the point 1 a topic(if not already a topic about the notificantion exist) with the title Disable windows notification.




  4. Hi @mike_y_k,

    which beta are you using? OSX 10.11.6 Public beta or developer?

    Notice that the mac operatins system is in your case a beta version, which can have still errors in Apps and OS.

  5. 7 hours ago, Marc said:

    It's just bad application behavior imho.

    On my MacBook with "only" 4GB 155MB counts. Let's be honest, we're talking about a password manager. That's a small database program with a low amount of data (records/fields).

    Safe in Cloud, with the same number of items, has a database of 50Kb. In Enpass that's 1MB. Now diskspace isn't a problem, although why should a database be that much larger? That does count when syncing on a mobile over a 3G connection.

    Why should I waste 155MB of memory when it could be done in, let's say, 30MB (like PWSafe)? Why waste memory?

    Same reason why I uses Echofon (80MB after some time) instead of TweetBot (250MB after some time).

    Sure in these days GB's are cheap. But with 4GB of memory (of which 1,5-2GB is actually usable space) it doesn't hurt to be careful.

    I can understand your point and but as I'm not a developer I can't really help you here.

    I think the amount of RAM grows with the amount of items.

  6. Hi,

    I'm testing v5.3.0 on the iPad Air 2 with iOS 9.3.3 Public Beta 1 installed.

    The new design is better then the old one. Changing the color of the field names with the color of the icon is nice, but for me it's not important if the field names are written in black or in another color. But the apple icon is a light gray and also the field names of the Apple entries are light gray, which is very hard to read.

    Expanding the password length is always good. Can I ask why to 50? Is a unsual length in IT.

    The new "exclusion symbols" feature is a good improvement, but I know some webpages, which only allows dots and dashs for their passwords. Maybe it would be nice to include an option to say only this symbols, because I don't want to write all symbols except the two allowed ones.




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  7. Hi @Les

    Can I ask why?

    Because if the note field is empty, it will not be showed on the right side. If you edit a item, then the note field is at the bottom and I think it will nobody disturb at the bottom.


    @Enpass-Team maybe when can merge this two topics together.


  8. Hi @Les,


    please post feature request in the correct sub-forum, which is in your case "Feature requests".

    Next time please verify if your request was already posted by someone else, like in your case. You can verify this by using the search function or looking in the correct sub-forum.

    Please read the topic below, where we already talked about your request.


    @Enpass-Team: please move/merge/delete this topic. So we don't create duplicates :)

  9. 8 hours ago, SchattenMann said:

    Hi Anshu,

    At the moment I have 2 x Win 10 PC and 2 x Iphone 5s/6 with iOS 9.

    Enpass Windows Version 5.2.0

    No I haven't tried any other cloud as I want to keep the Synch "in-house". I've been using ownCloud for a couple of years now and never had any issues, plus Enpass iOS don't seem to have any issues when syncing.

    No Antivirus/firewall that could be messing with Enpass

    I'll create and email you a demo account, thanks!

    Which version of Owncloud are you using? I use also ownlcoud and the sync works perfectly :D

  10. Hi @Marc,

    on my windows 10 x64 Enpass needs around 25MB, but I only have 80 items.

    Nowadays we are using computer with more than 4GB of RAM and then 155MB is nothing.

    To give you an example Firefox and Chrome use up to 1GB of RAM. So why do you have problems with the 155MB?? I think the more items you have, the more RAM you need.

  11. 22 hours ago, kevin.purcell said:

    To me it seems that this is a good feature to have, but I wouldn't want to look at anything unless it is older than 1-2 years. I started to question if the guys at Enpass thought about whether or not they will include some sort of password watch service where you can be notified if any providers (where you have accounts) have been breached, if the breach has been fixed, and recommend that you change the password.

    I would be of course a nice feature, but I think it's very hard to implement, because how you want to check if the provider was hacked or not. I think you must check on security website, which provider was hacked.

    As I have written above it would be perfect, that you can specify the time peroid. Because for me 1-2 years is to long and risky

  12. Hi @Cassiano Leal,

    I agree you with the weights. This of course would be better and I hope the Enpass-Team will replace the bars or add a textbox, where we can directly insert our number.

    I never saw a website, where the amount of lowercase letters whats specified. I only saw some website where the total amount of characters was set to 16 or another value.

    But when we give already some suggestion about the password generator, then it would be nice, if we can specify which symbols, we want to use. Some websites only allow some symbols.

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