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  1. For nab.com.au, the login fails (id or password incorrect error) when the "auto-submit pages after filling logins" is checked. If I uncheck this option and manually click the submit button, it logs in successfully. The password record is using a slightly customised Bank Account category. Maybe it's due to there being no delay between filling and submitting? If so, the option to adjust the delay on a per-record basis would be good. edit: specific URL is https://ib.nab.com.au/nabib/index.jsp
  2. Hello. I'm having an issue with one website: https://cliente.portoseguro.com.br/portaldecliente When I log in, the Chrome extension pops out asking me to save the information. Them problem is: only the password gets saved ("Digite sua senha" field). The username ("Digite seu CPF ou CNPJ", something like "Type in your SSN") do not gets saved. As far as I could investigate, this field is an <input type="tel"> and this might be the problem, but I'm not sure (neither think it's right).
  3. Platform is Windows 10, Chrome beta (50.0.2661.66). For work I need to check multiple local web interfaces, all the same for different servers (HP System Management Homepages). The problem I'm having is that Enpass either does not do anything (when using keyboard shortcut), or displays ALL my entries (for some not others when using shortcut, always when clicking extension icon). Example site: URL: https://cman1:2381/cpqlogin.htm?RedirectUrl=/&RedirectQueryString= Title: HP System Management Homepage - CMAN1.<local-domain-here> If it makes a difference, the SSL cert is invalid. See screenshot attachments for The record/item in Enpass for the above URL What appears when I press the keyboard shortcut or click the extension button (note that I have a total of 356 items) What else can I provide to help solve this issue?
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