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macOS Enpass iCloud Sync Broken


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for me iCloud Sync does not work on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.1 since two days now already. The iCould Symbol shows the "rotating cycle" that symbolizes the synch process without stopping.

Does anyone encounter the same problem? Any suggestions?

Best regards


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I encountered this issue aswell. I can't tell how long this issue is affecting me precisley. It got my attention while I was testing the new macOS catalina at work. But this overlapped with the new registrations / accounts for enpass.

What I can tell you now: None of my clients (2x Win10, 1x iOS 13, 1x macOS 10.15) has a working icloud sync anymore. Every client is showing the never ending loading sign (rotating circle spinner). I was already prompted on my Windows Clients and the macOS client to renew the icloud auth, but it didn't solved this issue.

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Same here. 

Enpass is broken. Has been since Sept from what I can see from these posts and no resolutions. its like they are not even acknowledging this.

Plus, they do not understand English language either. I was pretty sure I was buying an english version.

Not sure if others have seen this, but when connecting vaults, you get presented with this statement:

"Please enter Password of data." Really....password of data, thats a good one. 

OMG..IF that is an example of the programming that goes into this product, then we are all doomed.


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on an iphone, which we recently

purchased the premium lifetime license for,  I repeatedly get an error that details that icloud has not been set up when I attempt to sync.  It is toggled on in icloud settings. Further ... when I navigate to storage management for icloud it shows that the enpass "lite edition" is storing data. i've reset the phone, toggled everything off and on and yet can't get enpass to store to icloud. please help.

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Hi marcor,

unfortunately it happens again and again that a new update of Enpass leads to the fact that the synchronization with the iCloud does not work. Is it the primary Vault or an additional one? If it is currently not working, then unfortunately there is no other option than to trust that an upcoming update will make everything work again. I would be very happy if there was a way to install a new version of Enpass alongside the existing version. This would ensure that a working version would always be available. 

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