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Enpass extension for new Edge browser is here!


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Hey all,

Microsoft has officially announced the launch of the "stable" version of its new Edge Chromium browser for both Windows and Mac platforms today. We are glad to inform that Enpass browser extension is fully compatible with the latest release of Edge browser. You can install the Enpass browser extension for Edge from the download page here.

If you face an issue or would like to share any feedback, feel free to comment on the forums.


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Extension is installed and I click the icon and generate a passcode - however I cannot find how / where to enter the passcode in the Desktop App. I am in "Settings - Browser" but nothing. Extensions are enabled. 
Cheers and thanks in advance

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Hi Kashish, 

I installed the extension and can click the icon (top right) in the browser to get an Authentication Code...however...where do i enter this in the desktop App in order to pair the two? I am in the "Settings - Browser" and cant find anything. Feel free to delete the seperate post i created for this.


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Hey @mutton

Thanks for writing in.

As far as I understood you have installed Enpass extension and while clicking on the Enpass plugin icon, you are getting the pass-code on the browser window but you are not getting the Extension window to authenticate browser by entering the pass-code.

For quick troubleshooting, please quit the Enpass app and browser and check again. If the problem still persists, please share the below details so that we can test it-

  1. On which device OS version are you getting this issue?
  2. Which Enpass and Enpass extension version you using?
  3. On which browser you are getting this issue?
  4. Please confirm if enable browsers extensions from the Browser settings of Enpass is enabled?

Also, I have attached a screenshot for your reference.

Enpass Plugin.png

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