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When will the portable version be developed further?

Pete Judge from Germany

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Sorry, but I can't hear this anymore. The last beta version is 13 months old. And whenever I asked for a new version, it should come "very soon".

If you don't have the resources to develop and support a protable version, tell us. Then we can decide for ourselves how to handle it. It's upsetting, but I can live with it. But after 13 months of "very soon", you're making fools of yourselves. That's no way to deal with customers.


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It's funny(not) how they never answer the question itself, and keep using different words to basically tell you nothing.  Almost feel like an AI bot.

Here is one for you Enpass :  How about you explain to us the development cycle you use?  How can you be so bad at maintaining the portable version that you always abandon for months(over a year now)after doing a release?  It was the same with v5

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