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The extension stopped working on Brave Beta

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I use the chrome extension on Brave Beta, but since the last few days, the extension stopped working on both of my computers.

If I click on the Enpass extension button, it'll open a new tab searching for Enpass, even if it's already up and running. It'll eventually time out, and fail.

Since this started on both my computers on the same time, I'd suspect it's caused by a Brave update, or an Enpass/extension update.

Both computers run Windows 10, and use the Microsoft Store version of Enpass, version 6.60.



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Hi @BSoD38,

Welcome to the forums.

We have reproduced the issue with the beta version of the Brave browser and the same is notified to their support team. To run Enpass smoothly on your windows device, please install the last stable version of the Brave browser and let us know your feedback.

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Hey @dan45, @Juan V., @Javier, @Benny800, @acyclovir & @BSoD38

We regret the inconvenience.

Brave browser has recently updated to latest version (v1.21.74) in which the issue is fixed. Kindly check the issue on the latest version of Brave and share your feedback.

@PedroJorge & @Nathanael Thanks for notifying that the issue has been resolved with the latest update.

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Enpass is working for me again in Brave as well. I just wanted to say thank you to the Brave team for actually caring and striving to fix the problem. Thanks much! Faith renewed. I will probably always use Brave just because of this. 

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