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Microsoft Store app - relaunch after update and retain system tray setting


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I'm using Enpass 6.6.1 from Microsoft Store on Windows 10.

I have numerous apps from the Microsoft Store, including Enpass, that I have configured to 'launch with Windows start'

One minor annoyance is that when Enpass updates itself from the Microsoft Store, it does not re-launch itself after the update. So I'll be at a website in my browser and click the Enpass extension button and nothing happens. I then see that Enpass is not running, and then have to go and manually launch it.

I have other Store apps that 're-launch' after update. Could you please consider the same with Enpass?

Then, one other related annoyance is that I drag the Enpass icon out of the hidden system tray icons for easier access as I use it so often. after every update, it reverts to being in the hidden system tray icons. again, I have other apps that retain my preference after update. Could you please consider the same with Enpass?

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