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IOS app always need to search password


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I have an app in which a password may be required. When the keyboard pops up to enter the password, the autofill symbol (the key) appropriately appears. When I select it, I am appropriately taken into Enpass, where I must Search for the proper password.

However, unlike in other cases (e.g., websites) Enpass never learns or remembers the results of the Search for that app’s password. I must Search for it in Enpass each time.

How may I acquire Enpass learning in the case of an iOS app password stored in Enpass?

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Hi, I am having a very similar issue to 

There is an app on my iPhone that I always have to search the password for. Enpass never remembers my choice and never prompt me to save it, and always shows "We could not find a corresponding item. Try Search!".

On the website the autofill works fine in both desktop and iPhone.


iOS 14.7.1, Enpass 6.7.0 (562), app failing to be autofilled Sunsuper 2.2.6 Build 340

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