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Can't connect to my nextcloud server

David Jameson

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Despite the fact that both my regular nextcloud client on my desktop and my browser connection have no problem connecting to my nextcloud server, when I specify the standard URL for my server in Enpass (which I'm hoping can replace 1Password for my entire family), I get the message, "Could not connect to specified Nextcloud server. Please check your URL

I recognize that one can use WebDAV but since Nextcloud was an explicit choice in the list of servers, I assumed I didn't actually have to use the WebDAV URL


What's the scoop?

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Hi @David Jameson

Welcome to the Enpass community!

You can sync with NextCloud using webdav on Enpass. Please refer to this link for steps on how to setup. If you face any issues, please share the below information with me and I'll get it checked -

  1. The version of the Enpass App you are using
  2. The version of the OS on which you are setting up synchronization
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Thank you - I'm familiar in general with the use of WebDAV but I think the point is being missed. You **specifically** include NextCloud as an option which suggests either (a) you're using a different protocol or (b) you're converting the user info to a WebDAV URL under the covers so the user doesn't have to worry about it.



In particular note that your options are completely different for WebDAV than they are for Nextcloud, again suggesting that your system **knows** about NextCloud hence it's only necessary to provide the base URL for the latter.

screenshot_5313.png.ce12f5fd8bf6169e7f20d99da335cf8c.png     screenshot_5312.png.f225213a376637e283f21c23846fb512.png


Are you therefore saying that even though there is a choice to select NextCloud, I'm supposed to choose WebDAV instead?


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You set up the new vault locally and once you do, you will be able to select the vault from the preferences and click the Set Up Sync button. Then you choose NextCloud and your vault will be synched there automatically.

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