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Searching is painfully slow

David Jameson

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I am switching from 1Password to Enpass on all my devices (because you can buy it without subscription and you can save vault to your own server - both great features)

I was able to import my 1Password vault (completely, AFAIK) so that's also impressive.

However, searching for an item is absurdly slow, taking several seconds to search about 900 items. Such a search should be pretty much instantaneous these days.

Anyone know why it's so slow and/or whether it can be improved?


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I found turning off the item count in the sidebar helped a bit, but searching is definitely slower in Enpass. I suspect that 1Password indexes entries to make searching faster. I believe Enpass may use an SQLite flat database without an index. Storing your vault on a fast local SSD would probably help the most, but it’s not going to match the speed of 1Password right now. 

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1 hour ago, Discordant said:

I believe Enpass may use an SQLite flat database without an index

I don't really know much about what is needed to ensure security but if the data is being stored in a SQLite file, then presumably it is encrypted there and the index had better be encrypted as well so searching that directly would require decrypting everything on the fly. That doesn't sound like it would be very efficient.

Anyhow, I'm not going to speculate on their implementation - simply noting that search is painfully slow and needs serious optimization.

Everything else seems to work very well so I'm not unhappy I made the investment.

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I'm running Big Sur on a 3.3 Ghz 12-Core Intel MacPro

Enpass is version 6.7.3 (888)

There is no crash --- simply very slow searching.   Below are two animated gifs - one shows Enpass, the other shows 1Password. Both have EXACTLY the same content (I imported 1Password into Enpass)  and in both, I'm doing exactly the same search. You can clearly see the difference.



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Hey All

Thank you for the details. You will be pleased to know that our tech team is aware of the issue and is working on a possible fix (to be implemented in future versions of Enpass). However I have again shared the above as feedback with them and have asked them to expedite it.
Enpass appreciates your patience.

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Just wanted to chime in of support of this being a bug. In Enpass v5, searches were nearly instantaneous. Slow searching is something that has plagued Enpass v6 and has yet to be fixed. Enpass 6 broke a lot of things, but slow search seems to be one of the last lingering issues that never got prioritized to be fixed.

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I am on Mac using v6.6.0, extension 6.7.4

The "Search" field is all but useless. It takes at least 4 characters before it finds anything?

Example,  login for "Wordpress" so I start typing ..W, nothing. o...nothing. r....nothing. d...sorta starts to see possible matches??

5th letter, finally the login appears...what a waste of time. 

But wait..theres more.....I have some logins for 1&1. I have the extension set to search all vaults.

If I just open the ext. it shows numeric first listed items, then lettered entries.

Example: I have logins that ALL start with the number "1" and some that start with "2", then logins for sites "A thru Z" begins.

BUT, it ONLY shows one entry for 1&1, but I have a few.

Then I SEARCH for the letter W, and all this thing does is start at the first numeric entry, but this time it finds the rest of my items under "1".

How bizarre is that?? 

Search is Sort By : Title

Obvious the search feature is just lipstick as it fails miserably.

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