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Bug: Enpass app launches whenever I sign in with Windows Hello


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I use Windows Hello to sign in via the fingerprint sensor of my Microsoft Modern Keyboard. Recently, whenever I sign in, the Enpass app launches alongside. This is annoying because I just want to log into a website, and always the app gets in the way. I've found no option in the settings to disable this.

This is a new behaviour, so it must have been introduced in the most recent update. Does anyone else have this problem, and maybe found a solution? Any ideas appreciated, and thanks in advance!

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On 11/2/2023 at 3:44 AM, Abhishek Dewan said:

Hi @vool

Please share the below details with me and I'll gladly get this checked for you -

  1. The version of the Enpass app,OS and browser you are using.
  2. Are you facing this issue while signing-in in any particular webpage? If yes, kindly share their URL with us.

This has been happening for over 6 months now.
1. I'm on lastest version of windows (11 Home 22H2), and using latest version of Edge ( 120.0.2210.144), enpass 6.9.3 (1592)
2. Every webpage, every login...

The issue is, every time you try to login to any webpage has Enpass has timed out (or closed), Enpass pops up the Windows Hello box for biometric login.
Then, after you successfully login with biometrics (Windows Hello) and select the "OKAY" or "CONTINUE" button, Enpass pops up again and asks you to enter the master password.
If you don't enter the master password to open Enpass (after already using Windows Hello), you are unable to autofill usernames, passwords, or any information held in Enpass.

This double login is extremely inconvenient, and I find it hard to believe you need specific browser, OS and Enpass info when its been happening for so long (across several updates of Windows, Edge/Chrome, and Enpass)

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