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Enpass Crashes After Entering Main Password Debian Sid/Unstable


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Hi @Kan 

Thanks for writing in.

I've forwarded this issue to the testing team to look further into it. Meanwhile please try these troubleshooting steps and share your findings. 

  • Quit Enpass (If running)
  • Go to Home Folder-->  Press Ctrl+H (to unhide hidden files). 
  • Now edit Enpass-Desktop.conf inside .config--> Sinew Software Systems--> Enpass-Desktop.conf  and set LoginFeedbackSound to false as in

Hope this helps!

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Hi Anshu,

Thanks for getting back to me. I followed your instructions, however, there was no LoginFeedbackSound option in Enpass-Desktop.conf. I did add it under [General] and saved just to give it a try, but it was the same results, crashed after entering password.

I will add for your notes, that I cleared or moved the enpass folder (it was located in my Documents folder) which contained the database so it would recreate that folder and also re-authenticate, which it did. It then asked me if I wanted to start a new account or if I had an existing account. I chose existing, and then it prompted me for save options, which I chose my google drive. It then popped up which google drive account (I only have one) so I chose that and hit the "allow" button, but as soon as I did that it brings up a ip page that is basically a dead page. It ends there, so maybe there is some sort of authenticating process that has changed on Google Drive? Not sure, but enpass works (with Google Drive) on my smartphone and tablet.

Let me know if you need anything further.

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good morning :)

I have the same problem but found the solution. Looks like the problem is not enpass related but openssl.

@Kan take a look at the installed version of openssl and libssl1.1:amd64. The working one is (for both) 1.1.0h-4 and the last (broken) the 1.1.1~~pre9-1


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hi @Kan,

21 hours ago, Kan said:

@Shin, yes I switched to the beta and Enpass now works again. It is still missing "minimize at startup" feature, but I am sure the developer will get around to it. thanks.

I would like to share that if the option Open Automatically at startup is enabled in Enpass General setting then the app will be automatically minimized to the system tray with system startup. But currently, it's not behaving as expected and same has been noted as a bug to be fixed in next beta update.


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I had to finally abandon Enpass and choose KeepassXC, although it took a little effort to get all my passwords imported into it using an old KeePass version to do so, but it is much more stable. Which reminds me, it would be nice if Enpass had more export format options. I hope the developer gets things ironed out. Good luck

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Hey @miwie

Sorry for the trouble you are going through.

13 hours ago, miwie said:

I have the same üprbelme and canot use enpass 5.6.9


Please share some more info so that we can help you better.

  • Which Linux version are you using?
  • Which cloud services are you using to sync?

For Testing Purpose: Please turn off the internet connection and now try to open Enpass and share your findings.

13 hours ago, miwie said:

 Tried to switch to the beta version but enpass could not get/fetch the file from the Google Drive location!


Please have a look at the forum post.


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Hello @Anshu kumar,

I'm facing the very same problem and switching to Enpass 6 Beta or downgrading to an older openssl version is no option for me.
It would be great if this issue could be fixed in the near future, having no password manager which actually works cross-device is a big downside.
Not to mention the hassle of having to use my mobile phone to log in to sites where I use 18+ char alphanumeric mixed-case passwords. ;)

Unfortunately I can't seem to post URLs and/or code here (after pushing submit I get told the post looks like Spam), so it looks like I can't provide console debug messages here.

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This problem has been affecting using Debian Buster for about 5 weeks. I'm also restricted to move to the beta as no option to restore DB from local PC and Box has dropped support for Webdav. I don't want to store encrypted db in other services only to migrate.

Is there a workable solution to this issue?

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I never expected this from Enpass.  Because of the great Linux support, I switched everything for my family and more importantly, my customers over to Enpass for the desktop and mobile versions.  I got rid of Lastpass and other password managers that were used and just unified under Enpass.


I understand that you are working hard on the the new Beta which is most appreciated to see Linux still be being development and supported.  But if there is a new critical bug that prevents the application from working, it would be good to update it.  The paying customers will want this.

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