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Two suggestions for refinement: subdomains and less clicks


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Suggestion #1:

When I use the assistant to fill in passwords in Safari (latest version Safari and Enpass), it does not give me a suggestion based on the domain that I'm visiting, but a list of all logins (I'm not sure, but this could be only for the first login for the domain).

Expected behavior: Only show matches that fit to the current 2nd level domain by default. If there are 3rd level subdomains, show all 2nd level domain logins, but with the appropriate subdomain first.

(the screenshot shows the login window of Tidal at the first run. You see different logins in the list, but not the one with tidal.com at the top).

Suggestion #2:

UI refinement: Less keystrokes to activate login

When I use the assistant to fill in passwords in Safari and the correct login is presented in the window, it takes me 3 keystrokes to login:

1. "arrow down" (get out of search field)

2. Another "arrow down" to get to the login entry.

3. "Enter" to login


Keyboard focus is directly on the first login item, so that I only need to hit "enter" (such as in 1Password)


Bildschirmfoto 2019-01-04 um 16.35.28.png

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Screenshot attached to suggestion #1 plus explanation
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Hey @pbotadra 

Regarding the first issue: Can you please let me know are you facing this problem in any specific website or all of them? It would be great if you can share the URL of the website so that we can investigate further.

Regarding the second issue:  This issue has been fixed and will be available in the next update.


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1 hour ago, margaret_madison said:

i'm glad to see you so responsive, though refinement of enpass in  my personal view, is same  as password 1, i hope you make rapid growth and progress.

Same with me. I purchased Enpass for Mac and iOS although I am aware that it currently cannot replace 1Password for me.

However, I appreciate that you are working hard on making progress and hope that I will be able to use Enpass as my main password manager by the end of 2019.

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