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Chrome/Firefox extensions don't autofill when unlocked for the first time after reboot

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In the browser section of the windows 10 client, I checked the option : "Autofill details without showing Enpass Assistant". It works in most cases but there is one particular situation where it does not.

When I first open up my computer, launch firefox and go to trello's login page, I obviously have to unlock enpass for the first time via the assistant so that it fills in the details. When I do, the extension shows up (so I can fill my main password in) but it remains open with the single entry I have for trello, even though I checked the option. It should hide itself just after unlocking and autofill.

Please note that it's a one shot issue : it will not occur before next reboot it seems. Edit: as xarekate mentionned, this can be reproduced every time Enpass being completely restarted.

Same issue with Chrome extension.

Client version 6.0.6

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I can confirm this behavior even on my Mac and Safari, Firefox as well. And it's not only about a reboot, it's happening every time after I completely quit Enpass.

So it should be the same problem on each platform, no matter which extension is used. 

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Hey guys,

Sorry for the trouble you are going through.

I have noted down this issue in the bug tracker and notified the QA team to look into it.

Thanks for your co-operation.

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Hi @NYResilient,

I apologize that the issue is taking more time than expected. Can you please retry by installing the latest Enpass app and browser extension version. You can install it from here.

If the issue persists, then we need some more details so that our QA team can investigate what could be the possible reason for this problem:

  • Chrome and Firefox browser versions
  • Windows version
  • Are you using any antivirus or firewall?
  • Is there any antivirus or security related browser extension installed in your browser?


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