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"Tags", or maybe rather "No Tags"

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Dear Enpass community, dear Enpass developers

I'm pretty new to Enpass, but so far I really like it!

When I recently inserted my first passwords into Enpass, I decided to add «Tags» to all my entries. With that, I want to make sure to find entries later on, whose title I may possibly not remember, since I need them very rarely, but hopefully I will still know to which of my activities (=Tags) they belong.

Now my password database fills up noticeably, especially thanks to the automatic password saving in my browsers, but as far as I can see, the browser dialogue lacks the ability to add Tags to new entries.

Yet I still want to keep my database tidy. It’s actually okay for me to manually add Tags to automatic entries later on. But for this I miss the possibility to filter out all entries in Enpass, which have No Tags yet, in order to assign the appropriate Tags to them.

Is such a filter already planned or would that be a feature, that could be realized in the foreseeable future?

Kind regards


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Thank you!

I also just started migraring to Enpass, and was just in the process of writing the same post.

To use Enpass tags, we really need an Untagged filter to ensure there is a posibility to organize the passwords, and makes cleanup easier when "groups" of passwords needs to be removed.

Also i would really like a generate password option when you add new sites in the Enpass assistant. 

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