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  2. Have the same issue. Already purchased it, but now it shows that the app is "non pro version". Trying to purchase - getting error 7
  3. I originally had the Win20 store addition and had purchased the extras. After an update I could no longer use it at the display became distorted and it was unusable. I now have the Web site addition and it works well. Unfortunately I cannot make use of the extras that I originally paid for.
  4. Hi everyone waiting for the update, just received the update over the AppStore. thanks to the Enpass team
  5. Hi I confirm that when I copy the information, I get the 'copied to clipboard message'; there is no clipboard manager app installed, and I can't paste the content in any application, whether it's Note, Safari or any other app. THanks for your help
  6. Hello. iOS - 12.2 on iPhone 6 Plus. Enpass version 6.0.6 Windows 10 Professional. Enpass 6.0.6 (322) File is hosted in Dropbox. Date and time is automatically set on both devices (both appear to be showing the correct time in my timezone - Australian EST) The error shown is below in the first screenshot. If I click Resolve Now I see what is shown in the second screenshot. Merging seems to resolve it but the problem seems to constantly reappear.
  7. Here with Enpass on macOS on a 2018 Macbook Air... which has TouchID. Enpass is inconsistent as to whether Touch ID is offered in the user interface. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't, and there doesn't appear to be a clear pattern to it. For instance it wasn't working earlier in this work-session (after the latest upgrade this morning, I am on latest version), but when I went to log into this site, suddenly it is working. Of course, sometimes the laptop is used in clamshell-mode with a thunderbolt dock and monitor, so it's not possible to use TouchID at those times. But often enough the lid *is* open, TouchID *should* be accessible, but Enpass doesn't offer it when I want to unlock it. I wouldn't be surprised if this is actually an issue with the Apple API for accessing these things, but thought at least let's register it and see what response there is. BTW partly because of this and partly because sometimes we do use it in clamshell mode, it would be nice to be able to set up *both* TouchID and a PIN, not have to choose one or the other.
  8. Groby

    Sync doesn't work

    Hi, I am having this issue with “folder sync” on Mojave and High Sierra with the macOS app with touch-id support, only. I can confirm that deleting the sync and recreating it, solves the issue temporarily. I have to do it after every reboot.
  9. Yes the Enpass team is working on it, and it is reference in other threads on the forum.
  10. Hi Just got an update for my Mac to 607 (336) but nothing for my PC which is still on 606 (322) and still suffering the same problem of having to manually sync each time it is launched. Is there an update due for Windows?
  11. Use case after macOS restart: * press autofill shortcut on a webpage * need to enter master password * the selection screen is presented, instead of actually filling in the password
  12. today there is an error message: Errorcode: 504056
  13. Hi, Thanks for taking the time to let us know about this. Both the items created under the default template and imported from other software have different Templates which are causing this unusual behavior. Your valuable feedback has been shared with the team, and maybe we will improve it in further versions.
  14. I have used Password Audit > Identical, and noticed that Enpass groups entries by password. Not ideal, but alright.
  15. Hi, When you tap on a field (Except Note) on the item's detail page, Enpass will show a button to Copy the saved information. When you click on it, the app displays a message 'Copied to Clipboard' to notify you that the information has been copied to clipboard. Once copied, the information will remain on the device's clipboard until the time you set to clear it. Please share the following details so that I can assist you better When you copy the information does the app shows Copied to Clipboard message? Except for Note, in which fields have you faced the problem? Have you installed any Clipboard manager app on your device? Are you facing this problem in any specific app or all of them?
  16. Hi @CaptainBDSC @djohannes Thanks for taking the time to let us know about this. It is undoubtedly an issue out of the norm that we'd like to address ASAP. It has already been shared with the QA team, and they are currently investigating it. I will be in touch as soon as I get an update from them. Till then I appreciate your patience and co-operation.
  17. Hi @OLLI_S The list is for the current stable version of Edge browser. The Enpass extension for new Chromium-based Edge will be available soon.
  18. Keeper password manager does this already. Is this eventually going to be a feature of Enpass?
  19. Am I able to search for a specific password in Enpass? For example, could I search through Enpass for everything with a password of "mypassword85"? By the way, I have the paid version of Enpass.
  20. Yesterday
  21. So there's no way to bulk edit in the GUI, which is okay (though that'd be a great feature addition), but the issue for me was when exporting as JSON and then re-importing the JSON file after making a very small tweak, it wouldn't work. It seemed like it saw the entries but never would show them, as if it skipped them all or something like that. I'll try to do the erase everything method though rather than removing from trash and emptying the trash as I was doing before, maybe that'll help.
  22. Any update on when WiFi sync will be available?
  23. Also, can you please post the download link for Portable Enpass in your downloads section at https://www.enpass.io/downloads/. Makes it much more easier to find the various downloadable versions of Enpass in one link, rather than scouring through the Forums. Thanks.
  24. @Vikram Dabas Vikram, I'm starting to get a horrible feeling... Why do you need the Master Password once at system startup and then never again? Your own explanation is more than cryptic about this: https://www.enpass.io/docs/security-whitepaper-enpass/quick_unlock.html Your own logic, indeed the reason this app exists, is that passwords are evil. But you actually recommend typing the master password every time (!) you restart a device?! Oddly enough, you only recommend that for Desktops, not for phones. Strange, especially since Android's security track record is questionable at best. Need I mention how easy it is, in these days of permanent video surveillance to record all the keystrokes to my keyboard? Or use keyloggers? Or curious passengers sitting next to me on the plane or train? There are reasons why Microsoft and Windows abolished passwords. You, on the other hand, force me to type one of my most important passwords every time I restart. Windows Hello is an enterprise grade password-alternative that is totally invalidated by enpass. Back to my original question: Why do you need my master password at startup? I'm going wager a bet: 1. System starts. Vault is encrypted. Because you haven't figured out how to use Windows Hello for vault decryption yet, you use my master password to decrypt the vault and keep it in temporary storage / RAM. 2. Then you use Hello only to unlock the UI, so the vault becomes human-readable. 3. Why would you need enpass to be running in the background all the time? Because when I disable auto-start, I need my master password ALL THE TIME. C'mon admit it, you keep my decrypted vault in RAM and use Hello only to unlock the UI. Feel free to provide some conclusive documentation / evidence here to prove me wrong!
  25. So you're telling me that it's Microsoft's fault that I need to use my Master Password once after restarting and never again thereafter? I'm sorry, but that sounds like the usual lame excuse people give when an app doesn't work: "it's Microsoft's / Windows' fault". It always is. It isn't, It's your fault. You took an awesome product (Enpass V5 UWP) and broke it by abandoning UWP and moving to Qt. Too many long standing, loyal users all over the store and this forum are frustrated as he*l. New customers never knew Enpass V5 so they don't realize what was lost. You spent about a year in beta, so assuming you knew Hello didn't work with Qt, you went ahead with the platform anyway, knowing it was broken. Most other leading password managers in the store don't seem to suffer from this problem. Oh, wait - most of them are universal! I forgot. And somehow, they also managed to build browser extensions too. And support other platforms. C'mon … how hard can it be?
  26. Using enpass with windows 10 and chrome doesn't work. After installing the extension for chrome I can't connect the enpass app with the enpass extension for chrome. I always get the error "Enpass assistent can't connect to the Enpass-App" (Enpass-Assistent kann keine Verbindung zur Enpass-App herstellen). On the same windows 10 system enpass is working fine with edge. Any hint what could be the reason for this behaviour? Best regards
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