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  2. Can I mod the EDGE browser using any mod tool? Please, let me know...
  3. We also can define an alternative name for the app as a CommandPrefix. To help the user, we can provide an Example command. The most interesting ...website
  4. I tried using EnPass but the extension in browser is not working, only works in EnPass app is open. 1Password has something called 1Password mini that is always open.
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  6. I use Enpass on a Mac. Enpass Mac lacks simple Mac user interface conventions. Here are some suggestion towards that end. 1. Use arrow keys in text fields ( with text in the field) to navigate. • ↑ should put the caret at the beginning of the field • ↓ should put the caret at the end of the last character in the field 2. ↑ & ↓ + ⇧ should select text. • ↑-⇧ should select text to the left of the caret in the field • ↓-⇧ should select text to the right of the caret field 3. Edit Menu should always have basic, Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, etc, menu items that function when in edit mode in any field & contain standard Mac text transformation items. This is the Enpass Edit menu as it is today. General Feature Requests 1. Ability to name custom icons so they are searchable in the Enpass icon selector window, and they are so named in the Application Support > Enpass > temp folder, rather than the number sequence currently used. 2. Please launch Enpass Mini at login without having to launch the entire program. • Be able to enter the unlock password in mini w/o having to launch Enpass & have full access to all passwords (like 1Password does). 3. Have Enpass Assistant always appear under the Enpass menu icon with either of its keyboard triggers. 4. PLEASE! Make the Assistant window movable, have the ability to resize the window, & remember size & placement between reboots. 5. A pref to set which monitor Assistant is displayed on multi-display setups. As it is right now, depending on the keyboard trigger used, Assistant ether is centered on the main screen, or shows up wherever the cursor is located—even if the cursor is on an inactive display. You don't know how many times I've had to search/look to find the Assistant window, or move my cursor to the active window & hit the key combo again to have it appear next to the cursor placement. This is SO counterproductive—especially for those who want/need to use the keyboard and not have to move my hands to my trackpad or mouse. 6. Have the Assistant window appear & disappear with the same keyboard command. This way I don't have to hit the show window command, then Escape Key to close it, my hands are already on the aforementioned keys ... so why not just do and if/then? If the Assistant is showing ... hide it with the same key command ... much more intuitive & useful that way. Okay ... thanks for listening to my babble. Guess that's it for now. Hopefully some or all of these features actually come to fruition & implementation—SOON.
  7. I'm also on a Mac & I have to agree with@Marius. Always having to open the main Enpass app to use Enpass is beyond annoying. Please take a page from the 1Password UI. 1Password Mini opens at startup if the pref is checked. The first time you call mini to input a password via a keyboard command, mini asks for your main 1P password & you never have to open the main app unless you choose to. Concurrently, if I've entered the 1P unlock password in mini, I don't have to if I open the 1P app. It's sad this issue was brought up back November 27, 2020 & the developers moved it to the back burner rather than work on reprograming Enpass to make life easier for the all user—especially Mac users. It's 3 months later from your last response & Enpass hasn't changed or updated this functionality. Now that I have a lifetime license to Enpass I will be more vocal about issues that really need to be changed, fixed or updated. It's odd the choices the Enpass development team choose to work on rather than ones that actually make it a better program—especially for Mac users who are expecting more polished, Mac-centric programs. And I'll keep using 1Password as the "gold standard" for Mac based password programs. They embrace macOS, iOS, iPadOS interfaces & use their functionality to improve user interaction.
  8. Why not just have the assistant window be a movable & resizable window that drops down from the Enpass menu icon, just as 1Password does. It's also odd that the the ⌘⌥-/ opened assistant opens in the center of the screen & the ⌘-/ opened assistant appears where the cursor is—which is especially disconcerting if the mouse is on another nonactive display (I have 3). If assistant always showed up under the Enpass icon on the active display as it does when you click the menu icon, the action would always be expected & I wouldn't have to hunt for the assistant window. Being that the user can navigate the window with arrow keys alone is awesome ... so having the window appear where the mouse is on the screen doesn't really add any real functionality, and most times (for me) is not convenient. If my hands are on the keyboard & I can do everything from the keyboard I don't need to go to my trackpad, or mouse to interact with the window. Okay ... that's my input for now. Wanted to add to this & not create a redundant post.
  9. Hello Manish, I just let the check-PW routine run and again it works fine on both vaults. For your investigation of the previous failures, here's the data: - 335 items and 11 attachments in primary fault - No cloud-syncing involved, only WiFi - Enpass Appstore version 6.7.3 (888)
  10. Is there an upgrade price from pro lifetime to premium lifetime? It was supposed to be lifetime so if I want to upgrade I should get a special price surely
  11. Hi @vas Welcome to the Enpass Community! I did check this for you with our tech expert team, Enpass Auto-Fill not working for SunSuper App. For better testing can you please help us know any other Apps in which you are facing similar issues. Thanks
  12. Hello @Roobert, We have tested this issue on multiple systems with the latest versions of Enpass (App Store version 6.7.3 and Website version 6.7.2) and find it working as expected. For further investigation please help me with the following details: Share the number of items/attachments that you are using in the primary vault. Is the primary vault synced with a cloud account? Are you using the latest App Store version of Enpass: 6.7.3(888) or website version 6.7.2?
  13. Hi @Thoughts? I have forwarded your request for the above-mentioned UI feature to the concerned team so that they can consider this for future Enpass versions. Appreciate your patience in the meantime!
  14. Thanks, I'll try the new version out and please let me know if you need a test account on my Nextcloud
  15. Current Desktop Software 6.7.2 (885) Windows 10 It would be helpful if entries, in the desktop software, could be sorted by their new password creation/changed dates. Minor alterations, adding a note etc., moves an item to the top of the last modified list, and it would be helpful if the list could always display in order of newest to oldest passwords. Minor changes could then be made to an entry, but the list would still sort by the age of the password. The password expiry feature is very useful, but ahead of each warning there isn't an indicator of password age. Thank you for taking the time read this and the continued development of Enpass. Thoughts
  16. Hello @CaptainYukinoshitaHachiman, Welcome to the Enpass Forum. Thank you for reporting this issue along with the details. I have shared this with our concerned team for further investigation. I would also suggest you to update Enpass to its latest version 6.7.3 and do let me know if that resolves the concern. Cheers!
  17. Hi @Toby Humphrey You're not using the stable version of Enpass Extension. It seems you might have initially installed it from our old beta channel on Chrome Web-Store which was discontinued long back. The pop-up that obscured your auto-fill flow is an experimental feature that slipped into your extension through that channel. We advise you to remove this extension from Chrome and install the latest stable version from the Chrome Web Store. Sorry for the mix-up. Happy auto-filling using Enpass! Cheer's!
  18. Hello @Roobert, Thank you for reporting the presence of this issue along with the system details. I have shared this with our concerned team for further investigation. Your patience is highly appreciated here.
  19. Hi @flyingbirds, Welcome to the Enpass community. We do have this feature where you can autofill the logins using keyboard shortcuts, your default keyboard shortcut for auto-filling is CTRL+/. You can create the shortcuts from your browser extension settings. Also would suggest you to enable Match URL hostname from the browser settings of Enpass.
  20. Hi @PeterTheBike For this, you need to create a new vault, copy the items you would like to share, then inform the sync details to the other user. Here's how you can do it - a. (For you) Sync vault data over a cloud account Create new vault, copy the items you want to share. Sync new vault with any of the supported cloud services in Enpass. Share newly created cloud login credentials and vault password with the user. b. (For another user) Restoring vault on other devices with cloud sync Other user can restore the vault data either from the Welcome page or create a new vault in Enpass under Settings, restore the data via sync using the same cloud account as in Step a(2). Cheers!
  21. Hello I am looking for 1Password replacement(after going subscription) the closest thing I found is Enpass especially with the shortcuts. I tried the autofill but it does not autofill. It brings up a mini window then you have to choose that 1 login username by doing ↓ then click enter then repeat for the password if on the next page. Using 1password if I click cmd+\ it fills all the fields automatically, it even fills the password if the password field loads on the next page like on Amazon website. Am I doing something wrong or is EnPass incapable of this?
  22. I'm experiencing the same issue described here on my iOS, macOS and Linux clients, where Enpass asks me for the "changed" password while I haven't changed the password at all: Version info: Nextcloud 22.1.0 Enpass macOS 6.7.0 (875)
  23. Last week
  24. Hello, I encounter this problem: When I want to check the compromised PWs on my secondary vault, it works fine. But on my primary vault I get the message „no internet connection, try again”. At the same I use the internet, so the IS a connection. Where is the error? iMac 2019 on Mojave, latest Enpass version. Thx for hints. Update: After the 3rd attempt, it did work. Still strange why it needed 3 attempts ...
  25. I have a number of items I want to share with another user. Looking at the Share option it doesn't seem suitable for multiple items (I have 29 items to share). Is there a way of doing a bulk share?
  26. Hi @Aliased Welcome to the Enpass Community! Thank you for sharing this issue with us. I have forwarded it to the concerned team. While we work on this concern for you, advise you to refer this link and follow the steps. Let me know if it works for you. Cheers!
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