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    After installing todays update to 6.0.4 (304) the safari extension have stopped working. The enpass button is still in the toolbar but clicking of it have no effect. Re-enabling the extension does not help, even. Enpass 6.0.4 (304) Safari 12.0.3 (14606.4.5) MacOS 10.14.3
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    Hello, I really like Enpass, but one very important feature is missing: allow to login into Desktop Applications like: Steam uPlay Game Launchers (like “Elite Dangerous” or “Star Citizen”) Database tools Admin tools etc Please add a way to log into applications by pressing the Assistant-Hotkey. To identify the correct application you may use the process name or (like KeePass) the window title (but this is not really secure). Here is the documentation about the Auto-Type feature KeePass: https://keepass.info/help/base/autotype.html KeePass protects the data while pasting using the Two-Channel Auto-Type Obfuscation: https://keepass.info/help/v2/autotype_obfuscation.html Best regards OLLI
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    Hello, I upgraded to 6.0 today and was really looking forward to the vault feature in the hope that one vault would be shared while the other would not. My setup consists of 3 windows devices and 2 android devices (each with their own PRO licence). I managed to generate the new vault but when I come to tell it to sync to the same google drive location I get an error telling me that this is not possible. In my opinion the name of the first vault was system generated while 2nd vault onward require a name. Can't this name be used to generate a unique file name? Thanks and Regards,
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    Since upgrading to Enpass 6 the WebDAV sync to my Synology DiskStation is broken and this still was not fixed by updating to 6.0.3. It worked perfectly fine for Enpass 5. I can log in with my Synology account but on syncing I still get error 904405. The folder structure on my Synology is home/Enpass/vault.enpassdbsync The filename changed when upgrading to Enpass 6, previously it was sync_default.walletx. The Enpass 6 desktop apps for Windows and MacOS sync fine via folder sync to the new file. I also tried HTTP instead of HTTPS, still not working. However, what makes it even worse now is that I completely cleared the app data trying to restore the vault and configuring the sync afterwards to see if it helps (it didn't). If I try to restore the vault even with the Wifi feature or the file restore feature (by previously sending the vault via AirDrop to the iPhone's local storage), it says my master password is wrong! The same master password works fine for the same vault file on Windows and MacOS! Please help because right now I don't have any passwords on my iPhone because of this. :-(
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    Unfortunately the new enpass version brings multiple annoyances, reduced efficiency, and a complete disregard to GUI design rules. The interface is counter intuitive and counter productive. There is no consistency throughout the experience, and my actual work process became much slower, either trying to find the required functionality, or waiting for enpass to perform its tasks. To open the enpass windows app, you have to click on the taskbar icon, click the 3 lines menu, and select open enpass. In the previous version it was a simple double-click on the taskbar icon. When searching for credentials in the enpass windows app, there's a delay of at least 4 seconds before the enpass application responds to any input. After a computer restart I have to wait for at least 10 seconds for the chrome plugin, while it searches for the windows application. In the previous version it was an instant password prompt. There are multiple other minor annoyances which when put together, significantly affect my efficiency when looking for passwords. And even though I paid for the iOS app, today I started searching for a new password manager software. It's a shame really because enpass was amazingly good before this "upgrade". Approving this "upgrade" for public release was not a very good decision. Please take this as constructive feedback, since I'm a fan of enpass and I would love it to succeed. This new version though was a bad decision.
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    Hello, I am using Enpass 6.0.4 with Safari 12 on Mac OS X 10.14. I seem to get several of the problems that others have at some time experienced: - When clicking on the Enpass icon in Safari toolbar, very often (but not always) nothing happens, even if I click twice. When the Enpass Assistant window does show, it is usually on a page in which there is nothing to autofill (this may be a hint as to what is going wrong?). - The only way that works is invoking the keyboard shortcut to show the Enpass Assistant window; then entries relevant to the current web site are preselected, and double-clicking the one I want does work. - When using the Enpass menubar icon, the Enpass assistant appears, but entries relevant to the current web site are not preselected (it may be normal in this case, since the extension cannot know which browser I am using and which site I am on?). Do you have any clue as to what may be causing this behaviour, and is it going to be fixed? It was working so well in v5
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    Hello, I am using Enpass in the German UI. If I go to Einstellungen -> Tresore -> Standard then I see at the field Zuletzt synchronisiert the timestamp in English language (for example: 5 minutes ago). In the English UI this is the field Last Synchronized under Settings -> Vaults -> Primary. Here you should translate the time stamp and write Vor 5 Minuten instead of 5 minutes ago. Please fix this little translation issue. Thank you! Best regards OLLI
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    You can use free desktop version of Safe-in-Cloud to take all data from Enpass v6 and then either stay with SafeInCloud or export to any other app. safeincloud takes json file from enpass 6 perfectly
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    Hi, Since the update to 6.03 the ownCloud connection no longer works. This is the case if a blank exists in the directory name. A super update Please UPDATE
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    Hey guys, The suggested feature is already in our roadmap for the future version. Thanks!
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    As a work-around, if you make sure you don't upgrade your Enpass desktop app to v6, then things will still sync with your phone. I uninstalled all versions of Enpass on all my desktop computers, deleted all the Enpass folders in the Documents folder, then re-installed Enpass Desktop version 5.6.9. Everything is syncing fine again now. I'll just have to be very careful to ignore the version upgrade offers.
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    I totally agree with your assessment of Enpass 6. I've read about the problems that Enpass 6 users claim to face on these forums and on the Google Play store. However, I don't feel them. The communication with browser extensions such as Edge, Chrome, and Firefox on Windows 10 works much better with version 6 than with previous versions. It is working great on Android.There are those who complain that they had to use the master password again after installing version 6, but they forgot the master password and had saved it to their Enpass. It is unfair to blame Enpass for users forgetting their master password and a master password should not be stored on Enpass since it should be stored on paper. Storing a master password on Enpass is like storing my house keys in my house when I'm outdoors, so I would not be able to open the door to my house.
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    It is really strange that you guys are facing so many problems... I'm using Enpass 6 on both Windows 10 (with Edge browser extension) and Android since it was made available as Beta in Windows Store, and I haven't experienced any severe or functionality breaking issue so far. The communication with Edge extension even works much better with v6 compared to v5. Not for one second I thought about downgrading to the previous version. Looks more like compatibility issues which needs to be fixed for you, and not as if Enpass 6 itself is broken.
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    Hey guys, Thanks for your suggestion. I have noted it down and it will be available with the future version of Enpass. Thanks!
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    It would be interesting if someone from Enpass explain the rationale for this decision. With meta data today it is possible to have a GUID-type file name and simply adjust the meta data.
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    Firstly I love the new look and the new features but like @chribonn I can't use vaults for my use case; from a business perspective, I would like to make a vault for each client; unfortunately, I don't have 30 or so Google accounts to hand. I can understand that the vault name could change and so runs the risk of messing up the sync, perhaps just letting us choose where the file gets stored would work, that way we could just create subdirectories for each vault. Please add multiple vaults to sync with a single account.
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    Good Morning, I have been using EnPass for a while as my primary password manager and love it. One feature that I would really love to see is a way for EnPass to authenticate me to SSH servers
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