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    A lot of times, when entering my master password to unlock Enpass, I use the wrong password but quickly figure it out. I can't seem to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-A to select all of the characters and hit delete to quickly delete what I had entered. It is cumbersome to delete all of the characters by delete key or just enter and re-enter the correct password.
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    The same experience for me. The iCloud, Dropbox and Onedrive synchronization will now continue to function correctly on Windows 10 Home Edition / Enpass 6.4.1 (642). Thanks for solving.
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    Hey, Enpass Team, thank you for solving the problem. Since the last update the sync function works again without problems
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    can you implement global autotype? it basically means that enpass simulates keypresses to log into any application, not just website how this would work: user opens app (e.x. steam) user gets steam in focus and presses keycombo to trigger global autotype enpass detects name of application or application title enpass searches for matching entries, if 1 match is found, simulate keypresses for login (in 95% of cases: {username}{tab}{password}{enter}) this keycombo can be made to be configurable ( for example skype, where you'd need {username}{enter}{wait 100ms}{password}{enter} ) if multiple matches are found, enpass displays a window, letting users select the correct entry, and then autotype the login info if no matches are found, enpass pops up with a search field so users can search the correct entry to autofill ofcource, in the last case, enpass will also ask to remember the application title for that entry this is a feature i greatly miss in the current version of enpass, hopefully you can consider to implement this somewhere in the future. and hopefully you can implement this in Linux as well (since that's the main OS i'm using atm, aside from sometimes Windows kind regards, intuxikated
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    +1 upvote This is the only feature I'm missing which would make Keepass redundant.
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    I got it. In nginx configuration file of my webdav server client_max_body_size was not set. Since I added it, everything works fine. For me, I disabled check of file size: client_max_body_size 0M;
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    Please try not to be rude towards support staff
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    Found it. me too stupid. can be closed. sorry.
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    I followed your advise. First , I restarted my phone and doesn’t worked. After that, I reinstalled the App, restored the local backup and now Enpass operates flawlessly. Thank you very much Tahreem for your kind help.
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    Same here! I thought that this was once possible. Would be great if the bug could be fixed or if the feature could be implemented.
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