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    Hey @vampyren Thanks for understanding and the co-operation. Thanks once again.
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    Ok i thought you meant its already working in the mini window. SO its a feature that is not working now. On the main window yes it works to just right click but on mini window its buggy. Strangely enough it works after many tries but not reliably. Then we wait for the update. Thanks for info.
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    Hey @dridde Thanks for sharing the inputs. I have forwarded this issue again to the QA team to look into this again. Thanks
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    @dridde Make sure that the password is not the same. For the entries (in the screenshot) that show an identical password, could you try deleting them and restoring them from the Trash folder of Enpass and then check if they appear in the Identical list.
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    Hi @dridde, Update It seems that your entry has one password field in the saved web-form. Please click on the "Show Webform" on the info page and check if there is any password field having a weak password. Thanks.
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    It would be nice to have a password marked as WiFi key. Add an action button to pop up a QR code. With that it would be handy to share WiFi passwords much more easily. Not an important wish, but a “nice to have”.
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