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  1. Nevermind! I fixed it myself! I had the Windows store version installed! Installing the website version of the app fixed this whole issue! Jeez I have been living a lie all the time!
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  2. Hi Enpass Users To make sure you are updated with our developments, we would like to inform you that our Windows signing certificate is expiring on 28 Nov 2021. From version 6.7.4 onwards all releases will be signed by a new certificate. Because of this new signing certificate, you might see a Windows SmartScreen warning after downloading & running the installer. Microsoft has reverted us that it is due to new versions, low download and install count initially. Request you to take affirmative actions while seeing the following warning popups. For more information and required steps, please refer the FAQ If you still face any concern or have any question, please reach us here or on support@enpass.io Cheers!! Note: It is a temporary warning and will not appear in the future when downloads reach a certain number.
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  3. I second this. I want to be able to select the "/" character to make the Shortcut Ctrl+/. Thanks.
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  4. David, if you changed your password, you need to refresh the token that Enpass uses. Disable synching and then re-enable it. Click Disconnect. Then tell Enpass to sync with iCloud again. It will prompt you to connect to the iCloud website to authenticate and generate the new token. If you are using Safari, When the browser loads the iCloud site, you will be prompted with a drop-down to automatically log into iCloud using the same account your Mac is currently logged in as. In this case, do not do that. This will bring up the standard iCloud login form. Check the box to remember your login and enter your iCloud account login details. This will ensure the token won't expire until you change your account password the next time.
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  5. Fully understood but you try setting it to '⌘ /' you'll find it is not allowed. If I press ⌘ I then get red text underneath which says 'press a letter', / is not allowed as a choice. ⌘ = command
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  7. Manish, I appreciate your consideration of this request. I really rely on Enpass and love its features. I have looked at alternatives, and none has even come close to the features of Enpass, at least for me. The desire for a non-PlayStore option would not be needed for some time (probably at least a year) and a supported official solution would be great. I would love to move to a non-Google Android OS like Lineage or e/os when the opportunity presents itself but a functional Enpass would need to be part of the move. Thanks
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  8. I think that you're misunderstanding your demographic when you say this. There are dozens of password managers for consumers to choose from. Why do some of us choose Enpass? Because it's the only one that gives users control. Enpass is for people who know what they're doing and want control over their digital work. When you add features to the software that nanny and nag your users like this, you're taking away your users control and treating them like people who don't know what they're doing. But it's especially bad when you force these features with no option to turn them off entirely. Please remember the place of Enpass in the vast market of password managers. Please don't make forced features choices that will drive your most dedicated users away. Also, if (for whatever reason) you're going to continue to insist on forcing these password notice messages on us, perhaps you could change the style so it's not so jarring and annoying? Instead of a huge bright banner, maybe it could just be a small icon somewhere in the entry? When the user hovers their mouse over the icon, it shows shows a tooltip that this password isn't strong. This design would make it at least more tolerable.
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  9. Hi @ecca Welcome to the Enpass community! You can autofill multiple login details by first saving the details as Webform. When on the website, fill the fields - Client id, Username and Password. Then click on Enpass extension on your browser -> Hamburger Icon(Menu) -> Save Webform . This will save all 3 details as Webform . Next time during the autofill, please select the item of webform which you saved. Hope this helps !
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