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  1. Hi @paco

    Thank you for sharing the details.

    While we look into this issue for you, if possible, could you please also DM me the details of a Demo account and share its URL, login-id and password? That will help us in getting to the root of this issue. We appreciate your co-operation in this matter.

  2. Hi @Redeemer

    Apologies for the inconvenience caused to you in this matter.

    Please try the below steps to disconnect the endless syncing loop -

    1. Go to Enpass Desktop application → Wifi-Sync → Start Wifi-Sync → Select the Vault with the Onedrive issue.
    2. It will ask you if you wish to disconnect from Onedrive and use WiFi-Sync. Please choose yes, then close Enpass and reopen.
    3. Then visit the same Wifi-Sync page → Disconnect Wifi-Sync. Now, your Onedrive cloud account should be disconnected from the vault.

    Hope this helps!


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  3. Hi @paco

    Thank you for sharing the details.

    You can enable logs in our website version of our application. Here's how you can do it -

    1. Go to Settings → Advanced → Logs → Enable.
    2. Try synchronizing your laptop. When the error occurs, open the Enpass app and visit the same Settings as above and click on 'Show Logs'.
    3. You can then copy the content of the logs in a .txt file and share it with me here or DM me.

    Also, I would appreciate it if you could also share your laptop device details (Enpass and OS version) and if you are using any VPN/Antivirus service.

  4. Hi @paco

    Welcome to the Enpass Community.

    To assist you better with your query, please share the below details with me and I'll have this investigated for you -

    1. The version of the OS you are using on your Mac.
    2. If possible, could you please also DM me the details of a Demo account and share its URL, login-id and password? That will help us immensely in identifying the issue.


  5. Hi @ThomasH

    Welcome to the Enpass Forums.

    We are still looking into this concern. Could you please share the version of the Enpass app and the OS of the device you are using on which you are facing this issue? I will then pass the details to our team for a thorough investigation of this concern.

  6. Hi @ralphi

    Welcome tot he Enpass Forums.

    For troubleshooting purposes, please disable and then re-enable Android Autofill Framework (Service), Autofill using Accessibility and Autofill using Enpass Keyboard in your Enpass Android app → Settings → Autofill.












    Let me know if the issue persists.

  7. Hi @APremiumUser

    We are glad to hear that you like using Enpass; thanks for all the support!

    Enpass does support Full-Time Windows Hello, even when you restart your device. Whether the full-time Window Hello will work on any device totally depends on the Windows itself.

    To determine the compatibility of the device to support Full-time Windows Hello (feature is only available with Enpass Store version), Enpass relies on this API provided by the Microsoft . It is the only way to distinguish whether the security keys are generated by a legit Hardware TPM. There is little Enpass can do in this case. Although for external TPM is available in the market we cannot ensure that they will support the given API.

    If your system supports Full-time Hello unlock, you will see a similar message under Windows Hello -


  8. Hi @compoundbow83

    We were able to reproduce the concern reported by you, due to which the touch ID is not working for you, and Enpass is not accepting the master password on the first attempt in Mac. Our dedicated team is working on resolving it, and a patch addressing this issue will be released soon.

    Regarding having to authenticate your Pro license again after completely closing the app, kindly DM me the email address to which the license is linked and the system details on which you are facing this issue. I will then have it investigated for you.

  9. Hi @compoundbow83

    We are looking into the concerns reported by you. In the meantime, could you please share the version of the OS and also try disabling and then re-enabling the Touch ID in your Enpass Mac app to check if the issue persists? If you are getting any error, kindly share a screenshot of it as well. We appreciate your co-operation in this matter.

  10. Hi @olno

    Welcome to the Enpass Community.

    For troubleshooting purposes, please create a manual backup, then disconnect the sync from all the connected devices and set up the synchronization again. If the issue persists, please DM me the details of your Enpass app and OS version, which you are using on your iOS and Windows devices along with the WebDav demo account, its login id, password and the URL. I will then get this checked for you.

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