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  1. Along with open sourcing, external audits which has already been asked for, i'd really like to be able to opt out of google analytics and (other?) tracking mechanism. this is a password vault, it feels sorta creepy
  2. Thank you guys for the portable version, great work! Im actually thinking about dropping the desktop-version on my two Win PC's for this one, in additiona to the phone app. Here's my wishlist: 1. In enpass.conf, my webdav url is in cleartext, since I host it at home, id like the url to be encoded if the USB-drive is lost. is that possible? (for now, I enabled bitlocker on the drive to hide such metainfo).. 2. I'd like a fast option to launch enpassportable with my wallet. In most cases, the wallet will reside next to executable on the USB-stick so I'd want to be able to hardcode a path like " .\ " (working directory or execution path). Obviously tried it but there seemed to be a bug: "ChangedLocationPath=".SubtitleVisible=true"" appeard instead :-) edit: That is, id like the working directory to be pre-selected, skipping the "browse" nad "recent"-dialog. thank! edit 2: In addition, the Recent-dialogue won't allow me to use TabStop and select the stored path of the wallet-file, I have to use the mouse to point'n click. I navigate between apps mostly with keyboard and shortcuts and being forced to use the mouse is an exta moment in launching the app :-)
  3. It's not quite up to team Enpass. "network isolation" has been a "feature" of RT/UWP since win 8. The beta version of Enpass and its related plugin for edge works fine, if you create a local exception, but if there is ANY app you wouldn't want to loosen security on, it's a web browser . . The only thing that sorta bugs me is why you (Enpass devs) promised a release. Where you taken by surprise to hear that exceptions for network isolation was meant only for debug and development , or have you heard from ms that had plans to allowing it in production / store apps ?
  4. I like the TOTP feature. For my primary email I only store the TOTP in Enpass,not the password (which is unique from other password but not as complex,so I have no trouble memorizing it. If my email provider didn't support TOTP I'd never store its single factor password in any password manager, "forgot your password" feature on all other accounts would sorta break the security completely IMHO.
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