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I am having trouble getting Enpass to sync across my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro. It's infuriating. I had it syncing to Dropbox first and it didn't work, so I changed to iCloud. Still not working. I get no errors but if I add data on one device, it isn't visible on my other iOS devices. HELP!

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Hello everybody,

I am possibly facing a similar issue. Running enpass in Version 5.. somewhat on my Android mobile and the Same Version on my tablet (also android) the sync via dropbox used to work properly. having Updates on Version 6 on my Tablet (Version 6 wouldn't install on my mobile) and reconnecting the sync in version6-app to dropbox (whichworked) ends up in two Devices, "syncing" via dropbox whithout any changes showing up from either side.

are Versions 5 and 6 compatible in syncing Terms at all?


Kind regards

Ulrich Herbertz 

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Hello everyone,

i have a problem and wanted to ask if there is a solution.

I add a password on my macOS. 5 minutes later I need this password in iOS. But the Password isn't there. 

I have to open the app again on the iPhone, then it only starts the synchronization after 10 seconds. Only then the new password on the iPhone is available.

I use Dropbox. Is there a way to synch without open the app? The App run in the background for sure. Or should I use a other Cloud? (iCloud?).

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Hi @T-Bone,

Thanks for writing in.

When you save a new entry on a device, it gets added on the local database and then on the cloud account with which Enpass sync is set up. It doesn't reflect on remaining devices (syncing with the same cloud) until you open Enpass on the other devices. This is because the sync on remaining devices triggers after the decryption of the Enpass database(on unlocking Enpass). The functionality is to decrypt the fetched encrypted item from the cloud because the cloud is just a storage medium, and no encryption/decryption of data takes place on the cloud.
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Follow up question: would it be possible to have the sync trigger when unlocking the Enpass database when in Safari attempting to use the password auto fill feature? For example, I add a new login from Safari on my Mac, it syncs to my Enpass database via iCloud. Then I grab my iPhone, attempt to login to the same account in Safari on iOS with the AutoFill Passwords feature, and when I unlock my Enpass vault with TouchID, the new login syncs at that time and I can use it right away. Is this possible, and is it planned for a future update?

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As per the current implementation, the Enpass app syncs whenever the app is opened. This will be true for both the Mac and the IOS device. Without the app being opened, the sync won't happen on any of your devices and thus the entries for the login would still show the older details. 

Let me know if this doesn't help. 

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@Tahreem Thanks for the reply. I was mostly wondering because 1Password allows a sync to happen automatically when changes are made on both Mac and iOS, without launching the standalone apps. For example, in 1Password: I make a change to a login item from the Safari Extension on my Mac, this is pushed automatically to my vault on the cloud. Then, when I open Safari on iOS to login using the AutoFill Password tool, the login information updates with the new changes as soon as I unlock my vault within Safari via TouchID. I was just curious if Enpass was working on implementing something similar. The key ingredient here appears to be implementing changes to the software that would allow a sync to take place when changes are made from within the Safari Extension on MacOS and the AutoFill Password tool in iOS. Enpass is offered at a much more economical price point in comparison to 1Password. But during my feature comparison, I noticed this sync feature discrepancy. 

Thanks for the info!

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14 hours ago, Natalie123 said:

1Password allows a sync to happen automatically when changes are made on both Mac and iOS, without launching the standalone apps.


1Password might have a different approach for storing the user data - could be online, because of which the syncing occurs even if the app doesn't start.

But in the case of Enpass, the data is stored locally on the user's device. The cloud service is only used to sync the data. Since Enpass is an offline manager, this is a limitation here that you will always have to first unlock the app and then only the sync will start. This is one of the security features of Enpass that no other app or person can access the app data without the master password. 

However, please note, the sync usually takes less than 2 seconds time and thus you will be able to use the updated passwords within no time. 

In the below example, we have tried to make clearer why Enpass needs the app to be unlocked first to sync to the cloud. 

  • Suppose you are using two different devices(D1 and D2) and they are synced via cloud. 
  • You changed the master password for D1 and it got stored locally. 
  • Whenever a change is made in the Enpass, the syncing starts. 
  • Now on the device D2, whenever you open the app, it first checks for the local data. 
  • It will need the older master password to unlock the Enpass app since the app isn't synced.
  • This is needed because of the security issue. 
  • Once unlocked, the syncing starts and thus you will now need the new master password to unlock the app. 
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This is by far the best explanation I found while searching for this issue. Thank you @Pratyush Sharma and @Tahreem for explaining.

@Tahreem I believe what @Natalie123 is trying to say is that currently we have to manually sync the passwords after opening the app on iOS. The ask is, probably a feature you can add to your pipeline, can you make the sync happen as soon as we unlock the app using either Touch ID or face unlock. In case the master password was changed then prompt the user to update the password but make it happen automatically. We shouldn’t have to go to Settings > Sync > Sync Now to update the new passwords. Because that’s an inconvenience for sure when you have to do it across multiple mobile devices. I have 6 with a mix of iOS and android and sometimes I don’t remember which have sync’d and which haven’t.

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