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The font in the Enpass v.6.5.1(716) has become very small again.

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When I update Enpass to 6.5.1(716) version from the Microsoft Store.
Enpass under the high resolution screen,the font has become very small again.
But the previous version did not have this problem.
Is it possible to fix this issus?
Thank you.

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The same thing happened when I updated via the Enpass update alert to version 6.5.1 (723).  I followed the FAQ and it did the trick with one modification: you have to restart / reboot the machine before the new environment variable will take effect.


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>> Just change the theme and you have the former size again. With 6.5.1 they just made "classic" theme as default and it has small letter. "modern" still has big letters. <<

This does not work for version 6.5.1 (723) on the latest version of Windows 10 whereas the environment variable addition does.

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14 hours ago, Garima Singh said:

Hey @wmc

Apologies for the inconvenience. We have found the problem and are now working towards a fix. Stay tuned for the new updates of Enpass.



Great news!  Thanks for keeping us informed.

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