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Windows Hello doesn't work on system boot, must restart Enpass


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Could it be related somehow to that: The Pursuit of HAPPY…. Uhhh TPM AMD Happyness (Part 3) - Call4Cloud? I am not expecting that the Windows patch will fix the issue - but apparently MS had to adjust some code related to AIK for it to work with AMD. I would not be surprised that Enpass needs to make the same adjustment.


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So, I tried again with the patch installed (February 14, 2023—KB5022845 (OS Build 22621.1265) - Microsoft Support) and it is still not working (AMD 5900x with fTPM). If this damn patch is at the root of the issue, then the extreme delay sadly makes sense.

Now that the OS has been patched the Enpass team might have a greater chance to have it working. Please let them know @Abhishek Dewan !

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