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Android keyboard password bar not working pixel 7


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On 3/12/2023 at 9:04 PM, chants92 said:

You'll be better off just switching to Bitwarden.  Come up with a good 20 character master password, you can set key iteration to a high number (Bitwarden has upped the default for new accounts...no ability to do this in Enpass at all), and they have Aargon2id algorithm as well.  You can even self-host Bitwarden if you are so inclined.  Bitwarden just works.  I switched and cancelled Enpass but I get replies to this thread for fun to see if Enpass will ever release a fix.  If it were a simple fix they would have already done so.

Almost a week and no response from Enpass, this issue has been going on for months now.  I took your advice and tried Bitwarden, was able to Json export all my Enpass stuff.  Autofill works perfectly with Bitwarden, and I didn't even have to enable the accessibility autofill which is a huge privacy concern.  Come on Enpass, DO BETTER!

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