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SSL certificate validation failed.

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Hi. I've received a new laptop and for some reason I'm not able to activate Enpass. I'm getting "SSL certificate validation failed. Please try restarting Enpass". 

I've tried using the version from Microsoft store and also downloaded from Enpass directly. I've also tried to restore from Backup but nothing worked.

Any ideas?

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Hi @AJ_Enpass @LBrabham

Welcome to the Enpass Forums.

As suggested by @Samuela,  could you please check if you are using any network sniffing app? Getting "SSL certificate validation failed error" means you are running any Network sniffing tools ( ex: fiddler). That means, if any network sniffing tools are running in the background the following process will stop working:

  1. User will be unable to activate Enpass.

  2. If user has enabled "use Website icon" option from customized settings, then this error will occur.

Apart from this it will also impact below-mentioned functionalities -

  • “Check for update" process will not work

  • " Breached/2fA” items not fetched.

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it appears that my company has updated the Network sniffing tool (we have Zscaler)...Whilst it was no problem on my old laptop 2 years ago the security has been updated and with the latest version this got blocked. Once my IT guy uninstalled it temporarily and disconnected from any VPN I was able to activate and it's running fine now.

No issue installing the Network sniffing tool afterwards - I guess Enpass just needs to be activated.



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No, I'm pretty sure Enpass does hourly, daily and weekly phone-home calls that will fail due to the certs (unless your ZScaler skips the MITM operations on apps already installed.


SSL Pinning was only recently introduced in Enpass. It's a way requiring a specific certificate for TLS-encryption rather than any trusted certificate of the globally signed one's.


No more poking around what Enpass sends nor receives

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