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enpass not available in play store

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4 minutes ago, hodka said:

I joined tester program on OPO with LOS 15.1. Did not help. Enpass still does not show up in Google Play app and also still shows up as incompatible on Play Store website. 

Just to add: passes SafetyNet checks and also shows up as certified on Play Protect Certification.

Same situation here. onePlus one, lineageOS 15.1, safetyNet ok and device certified on the Plat store. The beta update doesn't show up.

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I'm a Pro Upgrade user and Enpass is also not visible anymore on the Play Store for me.

Phone: Nexus 6P

Android version: 8.1.0

@Enpass Team, if there's any other useful info I can provide to debug this, please let me know.  I've already upgraded my desktop version to 6, so having my mobile out of sync is a serious issue for me.  Thanks!

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On 1/7/2019 at 7:57 AM, Vinod Kumar said:

Hi all,

We switched from apk to aab in Enpass 6 for smaller download size. It turns out custom roms are not capable of handling aab(android app bundles) packages.

Reverting to apk in next update. Stay tuned!


Hi @Vinod Kumar, thanks for letting us know!  Any estimate as to when that next update might be?

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8 hours ago, Anshu kumar said:

Hey @molepage,

We have just pushed the update. Please check and share your findings.

@Vinod Kumar I'm happy to report back that it worked for me.  The app appeared in the store, I successfully updated, re-setup sync and all is now fine and dandy.  Thank you so much!

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