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Unable to restore from Dropbox on Windows client

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I backup to Dropbox on my Mac in Enpass and on my Windows PC using the Windows client to restore from Dropbox, I get "Sorry, could not find any Enpass data on this Dropbox account."

What am I doing wrong?

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[reposting this as I wasn't getting an answer in the "Modern Windows" section]

Long time user of enpass here.

I've installed the stand-alone version of enpass 6 (v6.0.2) - because the Windows 10 store refuses to acknowledge their being a newer version of Enpass - but it can't find my existing dropbox data (see screenshot). The dropbox authentication worked fine and syncing with the old version of Enpass also works fine.

I'm stuck. How do I get enpass 6 working?

Windows 10 Pro v1803 build 17134.345


I deleted 5 & 6 and re-installed 5.6.10 (incl. the Firefox plugin) and it all works normally including the Dropbox sync.


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On 1/10/2019 at 12:05 PM, Vinod Kumar said:

Hi @enpassguy,

Please follow this FAQ to restore your v5 cloud data in Enpass 6. We are making this process less tedious with next update.


Thanks. That information needs to be in the app not in a FAQ e.g. as well as the "Learn more" link have a "Have you upgraded from v5? Click here" option.

I'm sticking with v5 as I don't want to lose TouchID functionality on the Mac and v6 looks to be still quite buggy.


Actually, your response doesn't fit with my experience. On the Mac I didn't need to download my data, v6 was able to update it seemlessly - although I did notice it lost the sync to DropBox. It was only on Windows 10 I got this error. Why the difference?

Likewise, a colleague was able to upgrade to v6 transparently on windows (a mix of win7 and win10) whilst also using DropBox. How come it worked fine for him? There's something inconsistent going on here.

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