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Default email address/s

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When manually creating a new Login entity in Enpass, almost all use the same email address (or a limited subset of 2-3 email addresses).

It would be handy and save time when creating new entries for the Email address field to offer a default email address option (could be an option in settings, or could just be offered on the field like a MRU list).

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Hey @BBB & @Shakebox

Thanks for letting us know that you would like to see this feature. Significant user demand is a big factor that determines our priorities for new features. We have already noted a feature to provide a drop down selection box for email address and username. Please co-operate with us a little more.

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It's only been 2 years (and 3 days) since I first requested this relatively simple to implement, low risk, feature..


@Garima Singhwhat little more co-operation would you like from us that may aid in speeding up time to release of user requested features?

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