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Problem with Chrome extension

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I am trying to get Enpass working on a clean install Windows 10 laptop. I'm using the Enpass install from the Windows store and the Chrome extension from the Chrome store. When I click on the extension icon in Chrome, it displays the "looking for Enpass" page and if Enpass isn't it then launches it. But then it errors  with "Enpass Assistant is unable to connect with the Enpass app."

I initially suspected that the Sophos antivirus on the laptop was interfering with the comms to - BUT, Enpass works just fine in MS Edge (using the Edge extension) and also Vivaldi (using the Chrome extension from the Chrome store!!!!). I really don't understand what's causing Chrome to fail, especially as Vivaldi works...

Enpass version is 6.1.0 (408) and Chrome extension is 6.0.2 - If it helps, Firefox behaves exactly like Chrome.



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I've had to split my message as the message checker doesn't like me and/or code boxes :( ...

If I enable logs in the extension I get:

26/06/2019, 13:31:01 : Connecting using websocket

26/06/2019, 13:31:01 : Opening connection on ws://

26/06/2019, 13:31:01 : Connection opened

26/06/2019, 13:31:01 : Connection established on port 10391

26/06/2019, 13:31:02 : Message parsed successfully

26/06/2019, 13:31:02 : Greetings from Enpass

26/06/2019, 13:31:02 : Self Initiating srp.

26/06/2019, 13:31:02 : Authentication required

26/06/2019, 13:31:02 : Termnating srp initialization process.

26/06/2019, 13:31:27 : Message parsed successfully

26/06/2019, 13:31:27 : App Different user.

26/06/2019, 13:31:27 : Closing connection

26/06/2019, 13:31:27 : Disconnecting Manually.

26/06/2019, 13:31:27 : Bug with 10391

26/06/2019, 13:31:27 : Connecting using websocket

26/06/2019, 13:31:27 : Opening connection on ws://

26/06/2019, 13:31:28 : Opening connection on ws://

26/06/2019, 13:31:29 : Error with connection after other user reported.

26/06/2019, 13:31:29 : Got Error

26/06/2019, 13:31:29 : Opening connection on ws://

26/06/2019, 13:31:30 : Opening connection on ws://


Enpass is definitely listening on port 10391:

C:\Users\uizmw>netstat -ano | findstr 10391

  TCP              LISTENING       12008

 C:\Users\uizmw>echo off & (for /f "tokens=5" %a in ('netstat -aon ^| findstr 10391') do tasklist /NH /FI "PID eq %a") & echo on

 Enpass.exe                   12008 Console                    1     87,848K

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Hi @Mark923,

Sorry for the trouble you are going through.

I would like to share that Enpass app communicate with the other browsers (Chromium or Firefox based browser) via localhost address ( Although  Enpass extension for Edge browser communicate with the main app via NMHost that's why Edge browser extension is working fine and other browser is throwing Enpass connection error.

So please bypass the  localhost( connection from Sophos Antivrus and let me know if the problem persists.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for giving an insight why MS Edge works - I wondered if it used a different mechanism. The Sophos on this PC is managed centrally, so I can see if I can get the IP/port opened. *but*... what completely confuses me is that Chrome does not work whereas Vivaldi (which is based on Chromium and actually uses the extension from the Chrome store) *does* work.  If the IP/port was being blocked by Sophos, then Vivaldi ought not to work, as it's using the same approach as Chrome. But it does...

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I encountered this, again, for no apparent reason.  Enpass was working fine one day.  The next, I started getting this message in a tab in Chrome every time I opened a new browser.  Looking in the Browser section of Enpass, where I expected to see Chrome, it's path and an "authorized" icon, I saw nothing.  There appears to be no rhyme or reason to why this happens.  My frustration with having to wait two business days, minimum, to get a response forced me to uninstall the app and the Chrome extension.  Once that was done, I rebooted and reinstalled both.  The sync to my vault happened and I authorized the browser.  All is working now.

Even though I have it fixed, this seems like a prevalent enough problems that there should be more attention given to it.  Uninstall/reinstall is not an exceptable long term resolution.  This has been happening for a while and Enpass should get to the bottom of why the extension disappears and the connection fails.

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It happened again.  I've been seeing this problem every few weeks for a while.  Very frustrating.  I opened a case and was asked to grab a bunch of different log files, which I can't recall.  I got the thing working by deleting everything and reinstalling, but my patience is wearing thin.  May be time to start looking for another product.  Rebuilding every week or two is untenable.  

Windows 10 1809

Chrome Version 77.0.3865.120 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Enpass Password Manager extension for Chrome
Version 6.0.2

Enpass 6.2.0 (542)

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