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    That is the point. I want to decide as a customer if and when to buy a new version (for example with new features). Subscription models hinder the development of the software. The developers do not have to win the customers again. You can see that in Adobe & Co. - since there subscription models were introduced, the software is only managed. Innovations take place elsewhere. Even though I now get a free lifelong access, I can not recommend Enpass anymore. What will it cost in the future? At least $ 1 a month - probably more. Future customers pay in one year, which had to be paid once. Before I discovered Enpass, I used 1Password for 10 years - and bought three new versions - also for my family. That cost a total of $ 150. With the new subscription model I would pay in this time $ 360 or even $ 600 (for a family account). And it's "only" a password safe. A relatively manageable piece of software. I have dozens of other programs on the smartphone and PC. If everyone wants $ 5 a month, that's more than $ 1,000 a year. Subscription models are money robbers. Dear Enpass Team, I would prefer that I have no free, lifelong access and instead Enpass would have a one-time purchase - even though you would have to pay more for new versions. You break your word! See it here - still on your website:
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    Talk about dramatic foreshadowing! Is this the post that led to today's announcement of the new subscription model? I'm already an Enpass Pro user/purchaser, so I'm glad that we'll be grandfathered in to keep using Enpass (and I hope that includes any upgrades? - that wasn't specified in the announcement). It looks like current users who want to avoid a subscription model have a window to become Pro users for a one-time payment until the subscription model is implemented. Again, the post is unclear as to when that will occur, but the post states: Time to get it and keep it if you want it... Thanks to the Enpass team for honouring those of us who have supported and purchased this fine password manager... Keep up the great work!
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    Previous password vaults were useful to me until they started to charge a monthly fee to use their product. This is particularly unfair to small users, we are not huge companies with hundreds of passwords to keep track so the monthly fee is not justified. Are you charging a monthly fee? Will you charge a monthly fee in the future? If no, I am ready to buy your app.
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    I've been using Enpass for a while now and I really like it. I bought premium for both Windows and Android. However, I'm kind of concerned about the security. I know there was a third-party audit, but in the meantime there could have been new vulnerabilities that we don't know about. Open-sourcing Enpass would make it much more secure. Besides, contributions from the community could improve the app even further. And there's no need to worry about income, there will still be plenty of people who will pay for the premium version because it's much easier than compiling the app from source for every update. And the people who would rather compile from source than pay for it probably weren't going to be paying for the premium version either way (and just pirate it instead or something). I know that this is not an easy decision to make, but I would really appreciate it if you guys would seriously consider open-sourcing Enpass. I think it would be better for everyone. Thank you.
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    hello, I want to use a common enpass file together with my wife on two iphones. I have setup family sharing on iCloud. But my wive cannot access the enpass file on her iphone. Is it possible to use the same enpass data on a family share with two different apple IDs? If yes, how? Thank you Thomas
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    First of all I think monthly fees are a completely wrong way of paying for software. Although I really like Enpass very much, I guess they will break their word concerning "grandfathering" the users that payed for Enpass. For me it is clear that Sinew Software Systems and all other software companies have to earn money. But subscription has a much to high risk for the customers. What if the Software Company stops to exist? What if I am happy with the software as is? What if I have to use a software in a closed environment? What could be a solution? Maintenance! Buy The Software and pay for Updates eg. You Buy Enpass for All Plattform for let's say 60 $. All updates for eg. 12 are included. If you want to have ne features buy maintenance for a further year or say no, it's ok as it is and do not pay...
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    I will not pay monthly fees for just shortcuts that I never use, and the browser app works as well as Enpass... (Enpass autofill on android sucks btw) Monthly fees are only justified for SaaS.
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    Why should someone pay money for Enpass in case basic features like autofill in a Windows application isn't available?? It's even more worse because your company is promising this feature since more than 3 years.
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    Multiple vault sync in same cloud or at lease webdav folders would be a key feature for most of us. currently using 1password. Thinking to migrate to enpass (due to 1passwor new sibscription policy) as soon as multiple vault in same cloud will be available. thanks
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    Hey @John Doe, Please change the Mac system's theme to dark mode to view Enpass in dark theme on MacOS. Thanks.
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    Hey @John Doe, Thanks for your interest in Enpass. You can find keyboard shortcuts on the main Enpass window for item related operations by clicking ''More'' (vertical ellipsis) option on a selected item. Promotional offers are available only during a certain time; presently there are no offers/discount on app purchase. Enpass can be downloaded from Play store on Chromebook. You can use the app for free, however, there are premium features available as In-App purchases. Thanks.
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    Pratyush, Thanks So Much. That worked. shep71
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    I would like to ask for a magnifier with a place signature for each letter of the password. Usually needed to log in to some banks or financial institutions.
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    From the linked text/explanation: I find the explanation reasonable and the privacy/security-first design sufficient. Insinuating that if Enpass sends an anonymous POST query of an entry domain (for the purpose of requesting an associated favicon) then it naturally follows that Enpass might send entry credential info...is ludicrous.
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    Hello @Diego, That's a valuable and a new suggestion. However, you can use Enpass browser extension to generate and fill a password for a password form field. Thanks!
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    I too am unable to do an in-app purchase and get the same error: not supported. Is there a fix for this coming?
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    Hey @pauloirply, We were able to reproduce this issue at our end and the dev team is now working towards a fix on this. Appreciate your patience. Thanks!
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    No you can not. You need to have it with you on your smartphone, or installed on your PC at home or in the office.
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    I really like enpass so much! But there is a fundamental security problem with the biometric unlock. face-id and fingerprint are not safe. you can hold someone's device in front of his face. or you press his finger on the device. We also leave fingerprints everywhere. They are even stored in many ID cards. this is a fundamental problem to unlock smartphones in this way and not a probem of enpass itself. but enpass should be more secure. its a pitty, that you need only seconds to overcoming the biometric unlock and all passwords are open! Enpass could become much safer with two very simple changes: 1. PIN & Biometric unlock at the same time. Please change the Enpass app so that the PIN and the biometric unlock are possible at the same time. Then a very short PIN could provide much more security. I would use a three-digit PIN and set the number of failed attempts to 1. After a single wrong entry, the master password must be entered. An attacker who overcomes the biometric unlock would thus only have a 1: 1000 chance. At the same time, the use of enpass remains very comfortable. 2. We urgently need a time-out for the biometric unlock. As in the desktop version, after a certain time (1 day) or when the device was restarted, the master password should always be queried. So it does 1Password - why not Enpass? It prevents attackers, who has captured the device from having all the time in the world to overcome the biometric unlock. Please implement this very simple features. You can set it by default to „only biometric unlock“ (without a pin at the same time) and set the biometric unlock timeout to „never“. So there will be no less comfort for people, that dont need higher security. kind regards Fabian
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    Hello @Kashish I am currently reading the linked text. I am a little bit shocked because the explanation isn’t right. It is that much easy to collect the favicons. All the data is included in the head of the html output file of a request. For me that explanation in the text doesn’t make sense. - request to www.my-page.com - get the html source - look for the header and collect the favicon meta entries - follow the path/url - got the favicon I did this in the past multiple times. No problem. With the decision providing an own server you always have to pay and maintain an additional thing. You also have the whole traffic. I cannot understand this. Currently, the favicons are not embedded to the Enpass items. I prefer this. Maybe an optional and additional way. I like to see: - edit an entry - in the context menu to the image “fetch favicon” - embed the requested image to the entry I like Enpass and I appreciate the work of the team. Thanks. Regards.
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    Thanks for the update! Highly appreciated.
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    Is this available now that 6 is out?
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    Also looking desperatly for this feature!
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    Hey @miwie, Thanks for writing in. I would like to share that Enpass connects (anonymously) to one of our domain (https://rest.enpass.io) to check if there is any message for the users like important security news and new update. It doesn’t send any kind of information there except the version number and OS name. The same is being mention in our FAQ page. Also, you can disable "Check For Alerts" option from Enpass security settings if you don't want Enpass to send query on https://rest.enpass.io. Thanks!
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    Sorry but I'm done with your crappy software. I'm a developer myself and I know releasing a bug free software is impossible, but your update from 5 to 6 was just BS. You killed the sync functionality and the db conversion from 5 to 6 also wasn't bug free. OK bad thinks might happen... but all these problems were reported months ago and still there are no fixes. Even worse now sync is broken on all platforms! In my case (WebDAV) sync is broken because of a character conversion failure. So if minor bugs like these take you months to fix, how long would a security critical bug like a failure in your vault.db design take to fix? So I'm done with Enpass, not only did your support disappointed me also my trust in your Software is broken. If anybody else how wants to switch to Keepass: I quickly wrote an converter script from enpass json to keepass csv. Most of the informations are preserved. Everything that has no group in Keepass will be stored as Note. I wasn't sure how the attachments are serialized, so I didn't cared for them. Have fun: import json with open('enpass_export.json') as enpass_json_fid: vault_data = json.loads(enpass_json_fid.read()) keepass_csv_string = '' for item in vault_data['items']: title = item['title'] group = item['category'] last_modified = str(item['updated_at']) url = '' hostname = '' password = '' username = '' email = '' note = '' if item['note']: note += item['note'] + "\\n" for field in item['fields']: if field['value']: if field['label'] == 'Website': url = field['value'] elif field['label'] == 'Hostname': hostname = field['value'] elif field['label'] == 'Password': password = field['value'] elif field['label'] == 'Username': username = field['value'] elif field['label'] == 'E-mail': email = field['value'] else: note += field['label'] + ": " + field['value'] + "\\n" if hostname and url: note += "Hostname: " + hostname + "\\n" elif hostname and not url: url = hostname if username and email: note += "E-Mail: " + email + "\\n" elif email and not username: username = email if note: note = note[: -2] keepass_csv_string += '\"' + title + '\"' + ',' + '\"' + group + '\"' + ',' + '\"' + username + '\"' + ',' \ + '\"' + password + '\"' + ',' + '\"' + url + '\"' + ',' + '\"' + note + '\"' + ',' \ + last_modified + "\n" enpass_json_fid.close() with open('keepass_import.csv', 'w') as keepass_csv_fid: keepass_csv_fid.write(keepass_csv_string) keepass_csv_fid.close()
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    Hey @Dougga, Sorry for the trouble you're going through. Please follow these troubleshooting steps and let me know if the problem persists. Open Enpass --> It will display a welcome screen --> Select Create new --> Create a Password. Now Go to Settings --> Vaults --> Tap on Primary and enable sync with Dropbox. Hope this helps!
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    I'm also one step to leave the Enpass.the system is not working with WebDAV...
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    Why is the auto-filling on Chrome on the extension's bar? Wouldn't it be better placed at the login's and password's fields better? The extension is great, but you should also add the auto-filling in the fields Is it possible to do that? I think most password managers use that way and most people seem to enjoy more the experience like that, including myself. Thank you for the app, love it.
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    Hi, please enable Quicklook for attached files in notes. I would need this to see PDFs or other supported documents attached to notes. How? --> If the attachment is selected and the Space bar (or an eye icon , or right mouse click "show preview" is pressed, a Ouicklook preview is displayed (like in finder or 1Password) Thanks Jan_Osch
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    No, I mean, I open a windows program, I'm asked for a password, and I want to use a hotkey to have the password found by matching the active executable to a password in my file and to have that password autofilled.
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    I recommend that you get a native English speaker to go over the things your write. For example, this: Get the Enpass now Whatever your device maybe, we have an Enpass for you. Is not the way a native speaker would write it. It should be Get Enpass Now. Whatever your device may be, we have an Enpass for you. or better: Get Enpass, Now! Whichever devices you have, we have a version of Enpass for you. I love Enpass, but when I see mistakes like this, I start to worry about the app. I hope that helps you.
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    Hi all, Enpass is an offline password manager and doesn’t keep any of your information or Enpass data on any cloud/server. Two factor authentication is used in online services where the requested data is transmitted after validating the user through a second factor (generally an OTP on phone or email) and works as an extra protection, which is not at all required in case of offline services as your data is with you only. Lets consider for a moment, any how Enpass implements TOTP support (again, its a consideration), but how that OTP will be verified through server as we don’t have any information. Being offline is not a limitation of Enpass but gives you a peace of mind that your data is with you only. Also Enpass is an encryption software which recognizes your Master Password as the only key to get your data. So just think for a moment, if any one knows your master password why will he go into hassle of OTP stuff as he just need your database from device and open it using your compromised master password.
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