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  1. Hi @Welshdog @Maclife

    Thank you for the details. I have forwarded these concern's to our dedicated team and they are looking into it. In order to get it resolved at the earliest, we require some additional information -

    1.     How many items do you have in Enpass ?
    2.     After how much time of not using Enpass does the Extension becomes slow again ?

    Also @Maclife are you facing this issue on every browser or just Safari and also on any specific website(s)?


  2. Hi @noel

    Welcome to the Enpass community!

    Enpass does not strictly require you to register in order to work. It will work perfectly fine if you do not register yourself but the features will be limited to "Trial" version. It is recommended that you register your purchase so that you can unlock premium features on your other devices too. Please not that your Enpass vault data is never stored on our servers, only your purchased license info is.

  3. Hi @Welshdog

    Welcome to the Enpass community!

    The autofill works when you double click the Icon on the Enpass extension. When on the webpage, to the right side of the address bar, click on the Enpass extension. It will show you all the relevant items for that webpage. Double click on the item you wish to use .



    If there are any websites on which the autofilling is not working for you, please let me know.

  4. Hi @NicT

    Welcome to the Enpass Community!

    You can refer to this link in order to learn more about how Enpass calculates strength of a password - https://www.enpass.io/docs/security-whitepaper-enpass/miscellaneous.html#password-strength-estimation

    Also, You can set Enpass to exclude some passwords from audit, Please follow these instructions https://www.enpass.io/docs/manual-desktop/customize_fields.html#exlude-from-audit


  5. Hi @ecca 

    Welcome to the Enpass community!

    You can autofill multiple login details by first saving the details as Webform. When on the website, fill the fields - Client id, Username and Password.  Then click on Enpass extension on your browser -> Hamburger Icon(Menu) ->  Save Webform . This will save all 3 details as Webform . Next time during the autofill, please select the item of webform which you saved.


    Hope this helps !

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  6. Hi @ButisitArt57

    Welcome to the Enpass Community!

    Thank you for considering Enpass for your needs and for your valuable suggestions for the MAC UI as-well. We at Enpass are frequently adding new features and updating our software so that it caters to everyone's needs . I have noted down all the suggestions and forwarded them to our dedicated team. As soon as I get information about implementation of these features in our upcoming future updates, I will update you right here on this forum.


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