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  1. @Joachim S.

    No problem. It's not surprising me, because of the way Enpass team implemented it. For Firefox and Chrome the hotkey is set in their browser extension's settings and for Safari you have to look into the main app settings.

    It's up to you, but I wouldn't remove all the questions you asked previously. Maybe only the part with the alternative workaround for Safari's hotkey.

  2. 3 minutes ago, Joachim S. said:

    Maybe somebody else run into same wrong assumptions - the settings in Enpass App does not have anything to do with the actual Safari Extension.

    Not quite correct. There is an option to add a hotkey for Safari's app extension, if you go to settings -> browser and scroll to the bottom. But the other workaround works as well, is just a bit more complicated.

    The global hotkey is needed if you'd like to look up passwords for another app or similar. But for browsers you'd want to use the appropriate extension, yes.

  3. @Joachim S. 

    Yes, it's impossible to use some of the english symbols by typing them in from the german keyboard (because you'd need to use "alt" or "shift" and Enpass can't handle it then). So the easiest way is to switch to english layout and typing in the key you need ;)

    Can't remember now, but I think after this change you have to restart at least the Enpass app or even your Mac.

    On Enpass 5 it was possible to use other key combinations, but on v6 it's only possible to use "cmd" + other key. Don't know where you have this "cmd" + "alt" + key. Or I didn't understand your question in the right way.

  4. Sorry, that might sound like a joke, but I mean it seriously: why are you still rolling out some beta stuff, if there are a lot of unresolved issues in the "stable" version and some of them are already fixed here? I mean, you cannot make the "stable" more unreliable as it is right now. If you already decided to publish beta versions as stable ones right from the beginning of the v6, then please update it on the same way, until it's more or less bug-free. A lot of users are waiting until you resolve all the critical bugs asap (some of which are already fixed here) and you are wasting our time by rolling out betas, which could be the same way "stable" releases in the nowadays reality.

    To conclude what I'm trying to say: normally the betas are more buggy than stable versions, since Enpass v6 it seems to be the other way round. So, please roll out this / those versions in the appropriate app stores as quickly as possible, I don't want to switch on a beta path only to have a more reliable solution.

  5. Do you have the latest version installed? Until 6.0.4/6.0.5 I had the same issue, but then it’s gone.

    Though I have still an issue with audit, which is not showing any of the duplicated passwords - but I have some for sure!

  6. For each platform you have to pay exactly once. There is no way to move your PRO to another platform or use one subscription on both like iOS and macOS. 

    Until v6 all desktop versions were completely free and so you were using your macOS version without a payment not because of the purchase for Android. 

    Now there are only some premium features in the PRO on desktops, but you are not forced to buy them like it is on mobile devices because otherwise they’d have a 20 items limit. The desktop versions are still free to use without any limitations, there are just some premium features that now costs extra. 

  7. @david

    Yes, there is a new feature to save webforms. Unfortunately this doesn’t work for me in that way how it is described in the tutorial. I don’t have an option to save the webform through Enpass helper. @Anshu kumar Please take a look at this as well. 

    But you can save those webforms when creating a new login. At first you’d have to archive your item and then put all the required informations into the login form on your appropriate site. When logging in, a saving new item dialogue pops up, it will also contain the webform with fields like company. But as I said it has still some issues. 

  8. Bugfix request!

    @Anshu kumar 

    What @david described also fits my wishes. I have a similar issue: besides the company's extra field on my site there is the password field called "password_p" and you can imagine that autofill doesn't work.

    In such scenario that newly introduced saving Webforms feature could help, but it's a bit buggy, I think. It doesn't recognize that it has to put in my password into the "password_p" field. It wouldn't be a problem, if I could make manually changes into the existing Webform and just select for the "password_p" the regular "password" field but after saving those changes into the Enpass' Webform they are just discarded. So there is no way for manual fine tunings.

    At this point I'd just wish to make things more flexible and allow the user to modify those Webforms (maybe also creating new Webforms from scratch). If possible, it could be done like suggested by @david by using custom form fields. But there need something to be done for such advanced cases.


    Furthermore there is an issue using Webforms in general: if I create a copy of an item or move/copy an item to another vault, the Webforms are removed. Please fix it.

  9. Sounds interesting, but I don't know if this feature will come soon. So as a workaround in the meantime you could create one single item (e.g. called Master) and add all your URL's from the appropriated sites and servers. Then you'll just have to edit exactly one Master-item's password and this one will match for every of the needed sites or servers.

  10. @chl Yes, maybe... but it still doesn't offer to sync via WebDAV and I don't want to store my passwords somewhere in the cloud which is outside of my control, especially in the cloud offered by the makers of the password manager itself (and for some features you need to use their own cloud solution, afaik). That's not premium-like, imo ;)

    But as I already said, Enpass Team made a big mistake offering the not ready version as a stable one and now they are probably under time pressure to fix all the bugs. That's really sad, but I hope that in the near future v6 will become the same stable version as the v5 was. Until now I had no problems with Enpass and if, they were fixed very quickly.

    If you compare the price you pay for each app, then it should be clear that 1Password have to be more solid. It's like comparing Apple's macOS and Linux. 

  11. @seancojr

    You described it very well. ;)

    Even though I’m not affected by this issue, still have one remark: I could imagine that it probably could work out as well (if it’s only about the fact that 2 different databases exists in the same folder), when just disabling the sync with Dropbox on each device, checking out and deleting if there is any data left in your cloud storage and finally enabling the Dropbox sync again?

    I’d appreciate if somebody with those kind of problems could check it out and give some feedback. Maybe that’s one of the reasons that some people have troubles using cloud syncing (not only Dropbox, but e.g. also WebDAV) and this is not finally resolved yet... because I had from the first day on no such issues with syncing my various vaults over about 10 different devices at all. Maybe because I created a separately folder for the new sync location for Enpass v6?

  12. 20 minutes ago, zyghom said:

    v6 is paid, on android and iOS you need to buy it again

    on desktop for free you will get "disabled" version - to get what you had on desktop in v5 you need to pay as well 

    Why are you telling wrong informations? If you already had a “pro” version on android or iOS, you don’t need to pay again!


    The desktop version is still free, but you have to pay for the “pro” features, which wasn’t there until Enpass 6. The only disappointment is that, I think, one or two features that were free until now, moved into the pro section. 

    But there are no main features disabled so you can use it still for free without any restrictions (except some comfort aspects).

  13. I had no really worth issues as well, but there are a lot of small and annoying bugs on all the platforms when you start using the app very actively. 

    I really like the new features and in that way I’m totally disagreeing with the topic starters opinion, but unfortunately Enpass is in my eyes not ready yet that you can call it a stable version and making a forced upgrade to v6 was a big mistake (hopefully the Enpass team learned their lesson). I think at least 2-3 more month of beta testing would eliminate most of the issues and the inconvenience Enpass team caused to their users. 

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  14. At first I thought it might be a nice feature, but on the other hand you have to consider that by updating those lists the Enpass app will establish a connection to the mentioned website (even though I have nothing against them) or even calling home for manual updates. 

    I don’t know if this feature is worth it, playing around with users confidence. 


    On the other hand adding this as an option that you have to proactively enable in the settings (like e.g. notifications about updates) could work, I think. 

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