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  1. On 2/2/2019 at 12:17 AM, zero7404 said:

    i like the notion of having seperate vaults, but don't like how i cannot use the same cloud service. any plans for that to be changed in the near future ?

    As for now it's only possible with Nextcloud / WebDAV.

    On 2/2/2019 at 12:17 AM, zero7404 said:

    i have no problem buying the individual platform apps (windows/mac/ios/android), but noticed on this forum that it seems when a new version comes out, i must pay to upgrade ?

    Not quite correct, it's only the impression because there was at least one feature (I'm aware of) that was previously available for free and after v6 update was made a premium option. But the updates themself are still free.

    On 2/2/2019 at 12:17 AM, zero7404 said:

    are there various encryption options i can choose for my vault ? 

    No, there is only one option. Here you can find some more details about encryption.

    On 2/2/2019 at 12:17 AM, zero7404 said:

    with datavault, i have a direct device-to-device sync option (while both devices are connected to wifi), does enpass have that also (example: sync enpass on phone to enpass desktop app) ?

    WiFi sync was a part of Enpass 5 (please correct me if I'm wrong). I think it's not ready yet for the v6 and will be available in future updates.

    On 2/2/2019 at 12:17 AM, zero7404 said:

    i did notice that in the iOS app i could not apply Tags to items I created, but on the desktop app i was able to and those tags sync'd to the items and appeared in the iOS app, is that a bug ?

    On iOS you have to add a comma after you typed in you tag. Maybe there will be an improvement in the future:


    On 2/2/2019 at 12:17 AM, zero7404 said:

    i plan to trial enpass side-by-side with datavault for some months before i am comfortable enough switching over completely.

    Just have in mind that Enpass is unfortunately still in kind of beta status and has a lot of small bugs. But hopefully will become a good solution in the next month's.

  2. There are no numbers shown for existing elements in sub-tags. Even if I open all my tags to see the appropriate sub-tags, go to settings, disable the count for side bar elements and enable it again - the numbers are shown only temporarily until the next closing of tags. When you then open up them again - no numbers are shown.

    Furthermore it just sucks that with each time an item gets edited, saved or just even randomly the tree of opened sub-tags gets closed and you are thrown out to the list with all elements.

  3. With the latest versions all the confusing behavior was solved, but I still have an issue with Enpass correctly handle the password audit feature.

    I have at least another 2 items with the same credentials for 2 different websites, which are using the same database. Besides this I have 3 items for one account of a website with different usernames (but each item is stored in a different Enpass vault. With the current version none of the apps is listing these items having identical passwords!

  4. 3 hours ago, Anshu kumar said:

    In Android and iOS, you can view the subtag by clicking on the parent Tag.

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks for your reply! Yes, that's how I had imagined it should work... but this seems to be buggy. I have created a new sub-tag on my iOS device and now it's listed in the parent tag, but no one of my previously created sub-tags are listed in their appropriate parent tags! That's the problem.


    Furthermore, I think I figured out what the cause is: when I add a new sub-tag on my Mac while editing an item - this sub-tag is listed on iOS as well after syncing, but if I just add a sub-tag on Mac without editing that item (using the right-click dialogue) - this sub-tag is not listed on iOS at all! And that seems to be a real problem, because I added all my sub-tags by just adding those and not by editing each item manually. So that's why I'm not seeing any of my Mac sub-tags at all ¬¬

    update: Or better to say - there is even no pattern, it's just very buggy! Nothing works properly, it's a kind of Russian roulette if and when a sub-tag works on iOS, especially if you are creating them on another platform and just syncing. You have to take a closer look at it, because now it's not working at all. It's not possible for me to get existing sub-tags listed in the appropriate tags on my iOS devices.

  5. Thanks for warning! I’ve already updated Enpass to 6.0.4 but my safari extension version is still 6.0.3, so I’ll try to keep it until the next update.

    It’s really ridiculous what the Enpass dev team is delivering here as a "stable" version! Are you testing you stuff at all before publishing a new (beta) versions? With each update you can count with a new portion of bugs or that existing and marked as solved bugs are still there... :S

  6. @DavidL

    There are some different ways to setup 2FA in general. Two of the most common are receiving a code via SMS and generating a code via some appropriate app, using a secret key. This are 2 different things and they have nothing in common. Enpass can handle only the 2FA generating a TOTP 6-digit code from a secret key, which you get from a website when you setup 2FA.

    If you're speaking about copying code from iMessage, so I suppose you've chosen the variant with SMS code and there is nothing you can manage with Enpass. You'd have to rerun the 2FA setup on that website and chose a different opportunity of creating the code (if possible at all, because some are offering SMS only 2FA). Only in that case TOTP autofill would work!

  7. @Klaas Vaak I agree that it's a bit confusing, but when using / playing around with Enpass for some time you get used to all that sync procedure, I think. That's why I advised you to just start the entire syncing setup from scratch with a new folder. Now you know, that for syncing Enpass app is creating another "Enpass" folder in which finally the vault is stored. So just create a new folder "Enpass" (you can just rename the old one in "Enpass.old" or similar) and create for each vault a separate folder: Vault_1, Vault_2... Then create a new folder sync in Enpass app with the following path: /media/sf_Daily_files/Enpass/Vault_1/

    I think Enpass is automatically creating a new "Enpass" folder, because the attachments in Enpass are stored as extra files besides the vault-file. It's a big advantage as that way you don't have to sync them every time you sync your password items.


    As you are using a VM maybe there are some problems with accessing the files? Does Enpass has the rights for reading / writing in that folder?

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